NCAA Supplement Providers

I’m just going over options for supplement providers for NCAA schools. Is Cytosport (Muscle Milk Collegiate) the dominant provider out there? What alternative companies are there that meet NCAA permissable supplement requirements? I would be interested to find out what various schools are using.


For us its cytosport and gatorrade recovery shakes etc. We also have other random bars/drinks/vits at our training table.

Check out the Canadian Company Rival-Us

Great products - Great Company - if you need a contact I can provide you with one.

Nap - Are you freaking kidding me? Have you looked at the NCAA guidelines for what a university can provide? Obviously not.

Aside from that, I would not feel comfortable personally endorsing products that have the words “Anabolic” or “Growth Stack” or “Testosterone Booster.” It would not be considered an act of “due diligence” by my employers.

Cytofuse - NCAA Compliant, tastes good, mixes well and is competitively priced.

Nutrition Info here:

For Ready To Drink shakes - Mix1 Collegiate

It doesn’t look like their collegiate versions are online, but you can get them direct from the company if you call. They’re basically the same as the enhanced protein version but without a green tea extract. When bought in bulk, they are very competitively priced compared to other, more popular RTD’s and with a better ingredient profile.

Thanks SCCoach. I’m curious to see how many companies are creating NCAA-compliant supplements. It does look like Cytosport has a big chunk of the market.

#2, Cytofuse was designed by an old forum member. PM me for info. It tastes good, Quality ingredients.

I just got involved with advocare. I remember seeing it in the nfl supplement cabinets plus I do believe it was redeemed clean by ncaa.

Any product that assists in recovery is Anabolic and no product on the market guarantees their products to pass all testing by all bodies including the NCAA.

We have numerous pro and armature athletes on these products and have had no issues, a number of armature teams and athletes are even sponsored by Rival-Us.

You need to read the ingredients of the product before you judge it.

You need to read the rules set out by the NCAA on what a school can provide. My question was very specific - what are NCAA SCHOOLS using? Athletes can take lots of things that are not on the banned list. Schools, however, cannot provide supplements with protein content over 30% of total calories, no amino acids, no creatine, and much more. A school will be out of compliance if they provide more than additional calories, electrolytes and basic nutrition.

Cytosport’s Muscle Milk Collegiate is saturating the market. I want to know if other companies are providing similar supplements that fall under the NCAA rules of permissible ingredients.

Boston U, Univ. Wisconsin hockey teams were using Cytofuse. There are more schools but I am forgetting them right now.

Cytofuse is great, we used it at Baylor

I see,
Well, may be a better solution is for your athletes to apply to be sponsored by Rival-Us or some other company than suppling inferior products that you are restricted in supplying?

I know Dr. Darren Burke sponsors numerous amature and professional athletes here in Canada.

Over-rated and over price.

Nitro max by sandco sports…

The Advocare stuff is extremely expensive. I tried their their recovery drink and didn’t love it. I mean it was all right, but didn’t mix especially well.

BTW, just because it was redeemed clean doesn’t mean much- #2 mention earlier it’s about the ratios etc.

I know man… I just stick with a basic whey/casein protein I get at sams club for 15 bucks that’s made for them by cytosport.

Thanks guys for the input. I’ll admit Im very new to the nutrition game and Im always up for learning something new.