My quest for 6.7

Had 2 days off since the last training session. I’m starting my planned workouts starting today, the past 2 weeks I was mostly unstructured easing in type of work.

Today: 3x4x60m with 20m intensity limit on grass.
4x8 front squat
3x5 hamstring curls

All this work on grass, my hamstrings are getting incredibly stiff. Within a week there is a noticeable stiffness difference and a whole bunch of soreness to accompany that. I’m going to spend some quality time on my softball tomorrow loosening up some tight spots.

I may have missed something somewhere in the thread but can someone explain the benefit of maintaining after 20m accel?

Didn’t really explain it here, but its a common drill used by Charlie and others on this forum. It allows the intensity to be controlled on speed.

It is typically used in conjunction with higher volumes of work.


2x4x100m tempo walkback recovery
Actually have a training partner now and this is much easier with the added distraction. 3x4x100 wont be bad at all.

ab circuit with the medball

Focused on stretching after the workout today. My hamstrings are incredibly tight from the grass running, so I dug in with a softball and loosened it all up, feels great now. I’ll have one more softball session tonight along with a hot bath and some magnesium and calcium.

Sort of a messed up workout today. Wanted to try out the new sled today. Its a tire with a rope and we were on the grass. Well because of the attachment of the rope(low to the ground) and the bumpy grass the tire was flying everywhere, so mechanics were incredibly difficult to keep consistent. We did 2 of those before putting a shot put inside the tire in order to keep it from flying around, well that made it much too heavy, too much friction, and form was impossible to maintain.


2x20m sled that flew around
2x20m with sled that was way too heavy

3x4x40m grass hills (so much better)

Had a training partner, ex football player, 7.2x 60m runner last year, great power but lacking in the top speed department. I contrast the intensity from these hill runs with that of the intensity of my last hill session alone. There is a pretty big difference psychologically since we were running them together. The first set I ran them pretty much equal pace, maybe I was slightly faster(he would start us I would make up the difference). Second set I started getting a decent lead on him by 40, and on the last set I was gone. I say this is psychological because I wasn’t increasing my effort on purpose it just sort of happened. When I’m alone I’m usually running them at the initial pace, I’m guessing this is the difference between my 95%and 99%.

3x5 power cleans- not particularly heavy and I was supposed to do 4 sets but I was so wiped I said screw it.

Tempo 2x4x100m walkback recovery

Slightly sore today, less than before but still definitely sore.

supposed to do 3x4x40m hills but cut it at 2x4x40m. I was wiped with absolutely no energy left. I think I caught my girlfriend’s cold and its zapping my energy.

In the gym I did 2x8 stiff legged dead lifts, again it was supposed to be 4x8 but I cut it short.

Next two days are off, hopefully I shake this cold in that time and then back on the grass on sunday.

Still got this crappy cold and its killing my workouts.

Managed to do 2x4x60m with 20m intensity limit. My legs feel incredibly fresh I’m just not recovering as well between runs.

Its a pretty minor cold, with just a runny nose I still have high energy levels. I think I’ll be fully recovered by Tuesday and back on to some hills.

Solid workout today, just getting over that damn cold I had.

3x4x20m tire sprints (roughly 20lbs) +2x20m unresisted all on grass in spikes

We worked out the kinks of the tire, its a little bumpy at times and looses resistance once in a while but it was pretty solid for the entire workout.

The first set felt odd, like I was fighting to get into a good drive position. On the second set I relaxed and told myself not to fight for frequency but to get into a rhythm and it worked very well.

After the workout 4x5 cleans.

2x4x100m tempo day, quick and easy

You could try it on the track in trainers if the grass is too bumpy or even a cinder track. If it feels too light stuff some rock inside the tire.

Yeah, there was a baseball field close by and I was thinking it might work better on that surface, more of a flat cinder track. Also my friends got a nice sled that works great on the track, the only catch is that he only has 8kg to load on so we’ll need to find some more weights to pile on.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll experiment around and see what works the best.

To meke sure you don’t go too fast too early in the training program

You have some nice goals, do you think it’s possible to drop two tenths off your 60m time?


1st year: 60-7.02 100-10.79 200-22.14
2nd year: 60-6.97 100-10.94 200- 22.47

Personally I do, and I realize that its a huge goal and that my yearly progression in 60m doesn’t make it seem plausible. My only reasoning for this goal is the following:

In my second year I clocked a 6.76 electric through touch pad, so I’d put it at 6.91s with a decent reaction. I pulled my hamstring in the next timed run and still ran a 6.81s. The tear was minor but it took me 2 weeks to recovery, in that period I couldn’t do much. When I returned I had another timing session and only hit 6.91s. My season opener was 7.07s, (6.91+0.15=7.06, so pretty close). I didn’t rebuild what I had lost and ran a ton of 7.0x and finally a 6.97s.

Had I not pulled my hammy I think I would have gone 6.8s that season.

At that time my strength was what I would consider poor, 325 max squat, 2.8 SLJ, 28 inch vert and my start and acceleration was always the worst part of my race. During the following outdoor SPP I raised my strength levels considerably as well as my power.

On top of all that I switched coaches and my plan includes more speed work than previously and I think its periodized much more appropriately.

So if all goes well I think its realistic to hit that goal, but of course i’m very biased. Time will tell.

3x4x60m with 20m intensity limit

Then 3x8 deadlifts, my dead is so weak right now 8@185 was tough. I think I have decent form though.

Few videos from the workout

I think you could drop two tenths, a tenth should be cake if your training is going well etc.

Tough practice today.We were a big group, me being the only sprinter and we had some jumpers and throwers training as well. They were doing testing while I was doing hills.

I did 3x4x40m hills, very good pace, I like how these are progressing, feeling much more powerful at the start. My hamstring are still sore from the deadlifts on thursday.

Since they were doing some testing I jumped in for the fun of it.

Overhead shot put throw (16lbs) 13.9m
Forward shot put throw (16lbs) 14.9m

I’ve never done these before so I don’t have a comparison for them but its a benchmark now.

In the gym:
3x8 Front squat
3x8 incline dumbell press
3x8 1 arm rows

Tempo 2x4x100m
Sore as hell today

Saw the chiropractor earlier today as part of my usual maintenance. Did some massage, interferential current, ART, adjustment and some stretching. My insurance allows me to bump up my visits to twice a month so I’ve done so. I originally went to see him when I pulled a muscle in my back and tore my hamstring, he got me healthy again and I’ve been injury free ever since, and I think he’s helped a lot.

On to the workout:

3x4x20m tire pulls
These felt great today. I think my acceleration is coming in nicely because before I could drive to about the 20m mark with the tire and it was pretty much the end of my acceleration zone. But in todays practice I felt like I could keep driving for further, I think its time to bump up the distance to 25m and see how things go from there.

Our group of throwers joined us for some tire sprints and you could see it on them, driving to about 10m and then straight up. It’ll be interesting to see how their power develops over the next few weeks.

At the end of these tire pulls the jumps and throws group joined together for a little relay sprint competition. Of course I needed to jump in. It was two teams and each team needed to go up and down this hill 3 times each. It got pretty painful near the end. I wont be doing that again.

At the gym:
4x5 power cleans
I was pretty much useless after that so called it quits there but originally had push press and back extensions in the mix. If I hadn’t pushed it on that relay I think I would’ve been fine.