My quest for 6.7


4x20m blocks

Some hang and power cleans

Today (Tuesday): 240m
3x20m blocks

3x3 squats

Have you dropped the tempo runs?

No, im still doing them, just not as frequently as I would like to. I skipped a week without them and felt like crap. This week I will be doing some for sure.

2x4x150m tempo with 100m walkback

Are you doing any plyos this comp season?

Yeah, I’m just going to be maintaining some depth jumps and bounding, very low volume. I did a poor job with plyos this season. I’ve got a decent plyo progression set up for outdoors though that I hope will change things a little.

Wow depth jumps inseason…

just maintaining them, very low volume. And they are cut out during tapers and before important comps. I dont see why I should cut them out completely.

Even at low volumes they could still take 10-21 days to recover from. I would move towards hurdle hops 3-4x5 or p skips height/distance 2x30meters.

Thanks for the advice. I’ve been doing them for some time now, and the stimulus is quite adjusted by now. If anything I will drop them completely. Not sure if I want to introduce anything new into training in my competition period.

Do that… Intro low hurdle hops shouldn’t be problem since u been doing depth jumps.


Power cleans

2xflying 30s

Jump squats

Give us more details, how many setsxreps on the jump squats? Are you doing flys during the indoor comp season etc?

Sorry, I’ve been getting pretty lazy with the log.
6x2 jump squats

Flying 30’s were just a spur of the moment thing, because the coach had timing gates set up and I hate to pass up a chance to get timed. These wont be done during comp season though, I’ll usually be hitting 60m repeats.

Why such low reps on the jsq? What times are you aiming for in the 200?

My weights workouts are actually planned out by a different coach because hes much better suited for it. But he likes jump squats in sets of 2 with 60s break between sets. Not sure what the reason is for that but I trust that he does.

I compete in the CIS, which is the Canadian university sport system. They don’t offer the 200m but instead the 300m. But they do have a 4x200m relay, which I take part of. Although I haven’t specifically been training for it, I’d like to split 22.5s as lead leg. Last year we ran 1:31, this year, we’ve got some better guys I think we can run 1:29.

3x20m, 2x60m

4x2 jump squats

Mon- 30 minutes of low EMS on the hamstrings

Tuesday- Didnt feel to great so I reduced the normal workload
3x30m from blocks
3x3 squats

Wednesday (today)- Jog, stretch and contrast sauna

Tomorrow- Chiropractic treatment
Warm up, 3x20m sub maximal

Friday- off

Sat- Compete

Meet today: decent runs, my more legitimate season opener since my last meet in november I trained through.
7.07 heats
7.04 final

Had much better start in the final, but sligthly stumbled at 10m which disrupted my rythm slightly.

Much better in terms of performance. My season has officially started and from here on in its mostly maintaining between meets to resolve what I suspect is a significant amount of fatigue.

Fastest jan opener I’ve ever run.