Musclar Bolt 'nervous'

Since his last race, Bolt has added more muscle to his frame. He rolled up the sleeve of his shirt and pointed to his flexed biceps during a packed news conference.

“I’ve been doing a lot of work strength-wise, core-wise, that’s why I may look a little different,” he said, noting that he needs to improve his starts. “What has really bothered me over the years is the first 30 meters, because I’m tall. I’ve been working on it.”


Upright row, reverse curls. Lovely.

Anybody notice the extreme Lordosis during and just after them lifts?

First thing I noticed.

No kidding on the lordosis. Thats pretty extreme. Michael Johnson was pretty lordotic as well. Maybe it helps speed ?? The clean form is awful. I have high school females who clean 135 with better technique. Guess it goes to show that superior talent always prevails. haha

you’re just a playa hater, that’s how he got the gunz dude. :slight_smile: Can just hear the claims now…but that’s what Usain does

I’m not sure what is more disturbing… the technique, or… the gloves.

When I first heard Usain talking about “core” work - I naturally assumed he was talking about lifting weights AND holding his Posture strong during the lifts.
It now appears, perhaps all he was talking about was doing a ton of Sit ups?
As can be seen, a ton of sit ups still wont make you hold Good form during Lifts, no matter how many abs you got showing.

Lets hope this does not transfer to his running.
Didn’t he get a sore Back and That’s the reason T.G. beat him last year? hmmmm

I seriously don’t see how awful his cleans’ form is… It looks good to me.

Yea he probably uses a pussy pad when he squats.


World record-holder Usain Bolt has won his first race in nine months, clocking 9.91 seconds to narrowly beat former record-holder Asafa Powell at the Golden Gala.

Powell clocked 9.93 and European champion Christophe Lemaitre crossed third in 10.00.

Bolt had not competed since he was beat by Tyson Gay in Stockholm last August, snapping the Jamaican’s two-year unbeaten streak. The triple Olympic and world champion then ended his season because of back and Achilles’ tendon problems.

Contrary to popular belief, cleans are not an arm exercise.

i wouldnt care if the guy was lifting bags of bricks…hes still performing at outstnading levels and has a PB of 9.5 with this training. why change anything!

Risk of injury. Sounds like the best reason to me. Those lifts aren’t adding any value. So the risk to reward ratio is highly in favor of risk.

Asafa had it

the benefit is general physical prep

Same time as Tyson’s first 100m of his 150m this year.

Man I wish Asafa could beat him but he’s not a killer. Can’t put the dagger in.

My response would once again be the risk is too high for the benefit he is deriving. There are much easier and safer ways to go about an appropriate general prep phase without employing exercises executed with bad technique.

The same logic could be applied to Asafa Powell’s bench press antics – which led to a pec tear that has undoubtedly impacted his career negatively.