Misnamed Sprinter's Training Log

I put it in because I feel my glutes firing more in this than anything else and at this weight it’s easy on my legs… that all could be a crock but weights are really in the back seat right now

Been training as planned but been busy with GRE/grad school apps… I’ll get to this when I get to it :slight_smile:

Ok time for an update… training was identical to the last week I have posted for 2 additional weeks… followed by an unload and first week comp period this week:
Monday: 2x35m fly 250, 200, 100 95% (70/550)
Tuesday: 10 hurdle mobility w/ skips… 2xGS
Wednesday A: 2x20m sleds (35lb) 1x30m accel, 3x30m blocks (40/120)
Wednesday B: Full Squat 3x4 275, 2x3broad, DCRDL 3x3 185, 2x 3e alt leg bound, 2xcore circuit
Thursday: Dym flex, bench 3x3 225, muscle up x3,x2, 2x8 shoulder complex
Friday: full warmup, 4x(BLV, Vsquat, Fsquat), block tech checks

first meet today (Saturday):
55 prelim: 6.46 .04 PR and provo
55 finals: 6.44 …2nd place 6.7x
200 (200m flat track): 22.73 indoor PR by at least .2… 2nd place in the heat was 23.4x

So pretty nice to see the training investments paid off… first time hearing a gun or running with with other people since last year and was able to execute well… maybe even better than in training… I got out on everybody in both 55 heats and still felt like I had more in the tank if it weren’t for some hold ups in the meet schedule. Our track is “slow” too… they put a new mondo surface over top of the old facility’s track so it’s super soft.

Congratulations! Those 55’s seems quite fast to me! :wink: Wish I could do that one day. Keep up the good work!

Nice work, goodluck with the rest of your season.

WU Red
hurdle mob x10 @ skipping pace, 2xGS circuit

Debating on my training/comp schedule the next few weeks… I’d like to go 6.3x to seal my place at NCAAs
One possibility: full meet this week for SE stimulus… cut back on SE during the week
Tues: accel/weights
Weds: remedial/tempo work and upper weights
Thurs: MaxV work, possibly one SE run
Fri: premeet
Sat: 55 prelims/finals, 4x2, 200

Other possibility: no meet this week… this would mean my next meet would be a relay meet and no prelim for the 55…
Tues: speed/weights
Weds: tempo and upper weights
Thurs: general strength work
Fri: MaxV/SE

Any objections to either proposal?

Full meet…

Meet today: 6.52 in prelims and finals for the 55
22.75 in the 200

Good meet considering. I felt pretty lousy yesterday and last night with a head cold and didn’t get much sleep… felt flat today. The meet was at a 4 lane track with no track surface on the infield… so there was no where to get warmup runs in. Did not get out very well in either heat.

As for the 200, the straights on the track were 50-55 meters, so super tight curves… as a heavy sprinter the curves are my kryptonite in the first place… slapped the crap outta the guy to my outside and gashed my inside calf somehow… so very happy with the time lol…

Meet yesterday

4x2 pop off, lane 3: 22.0 split (early handoff)

55(finals only): 6.48

Sprint medley pop off, lane 4: 22.5 handoff about 2/3 through the zone

Good day all around. It was a conference relay meet and got first in all these races so they’ll be gunnin for us come conference time. Got out like a rocket in the 55 but there was a false start… ugh. Second time around my first step landed a little in front of me and I played catch up until about 40-45… it was the first time really seein what kind of damage I could do with my top speed though and felt dynamite… second place ended up at 6.53. Wish there would have been prelims but this day taught me what cues I need for a consistent start…

Looong day today but: 55 prelims: 6.46 55 finals: 6.43 PR. Only by .01 but it moves me up on the national list. 6.43 equals the last time to get in last year. There was like 3.5 hours between prelims and finals. I was feeling tired come finals time from 2 full warmups but was hyped because another guy on the D3 list was there and it was a home meet so I couldn’t let someone show me up on my straight away. He ended up 6.49. I don’t remember the first half of this race. I just remember pulling away at the finish after being even at one point.

funked up…

meet report from today:
55m prelims: 6.47 pretty flat start but my top speed is feeling awesome
4x200: 22.0 opening leg
55m finals 6.41 betters last weeks PR by .02… got pretty amped for this… was tryin to break a meet record set by one of our alum. that was a 10.3 guy. and i succeeded :). felt solid from start to finish… second place went 6.48
200: 22.44 indoor PR by .3 and just about equals my best outdoor race from last year. Ran it out of lane 3 which is usually not good for me… pretty stoked on this

so really good day… it was at a 70 million dollar athletic facility… just about the nicest place I’ve ever run… training updates to come later.

So to catch this thing up on training…

Week 2:
Monday: Still sore from the opener… Did 2x10 hurdle mobility, 2xGS circuit
Tuesday A: 4x40fly 300, 200, 150
Tuesday B: Squat 3x4
high hurdles 2x4
hypercomplex/throw 2x4,4
2x core
Wednesday: bench 3x3 w/ 1 arm DB row x8
2x8 shoulder complex
Thursday: 2x25 sled, 2x35 blocks
Thursday B: Drop catch RDL 3x4
2x8 alt leg bound
Friday: full warmup, 4x(BLV, Vsquat, Fsquat), block tech checks
Saturday 6.52/22.75
Didn’t like the way I had to rearrange this week. I was sick too so that might have affected how my body felt but I like 72 hours between the last speed day and meets.

Week 3
Sunday: nothing
Monday: 3x40fly 250, 150
2x core
Tuesday: hurdle mobility 2x10, 2xGS circuit
Wednesday: 2x 25 sled, 3x40, 25 sled, 40
Wednesday B: Full squat 3x4 275
3x4 drop catch RDL 205
2x6 hyper throw
thursday: bench 3x3 w/ 1 arm DB row x8
2x8 shoulder complex
Friday: 4x(BLV, Vsquat, Fsquat) block checks
Saturday: 22.0 4x2 split, 6.48, 22.5 sprint medley split
Sunday: Rest

Week 4 (unload)
Monday: 4x25 fly 300, 250, 200, 150 glorified tempo pace
Tuesday: 2x10 hurdle mob, 2xGS
Wednesday: 4x30 blocks with 12 explosive medball throws between
Wednesday B 3,3,2 full squat 245 265 285
RDL 2x(225 normal, 135 drop catch)
alt leg bound 2x6
Thursday: 3x2 bench w/ db row x6
shoulder complex 2x6
Friday: premeet
Saturday: 6.46/6.43
Sunday Rest

Week 5
Monday 3x30 fly 250,200
2xcore including 2x (4x hyper complex, 4x hyper throw)
Tuesday 2x10 hurdle mobility, 3xGS circuit
Wednesday 3x(20sled,30blocks), 30 blocks
Wednesday B: Full squat 3x3 275,285, 295
RDL 2x(275 regular, 185 drop catch)
alt leg bound 2x8
Thursday: 3x3 bench w/ db row
2xPlyo pushup w/ shoulder complex
Friday: premeet, lighter medball, mix throws from stand still, with wind up, and with 1 hop
Saturday: 6.47/6.41, 22.0 split, 22.44 200

A couple of things that I feel have been valuable tools:
Live The privilege to train and push my body in this way can be taken away at any time. So when I’m not training I try to keep my mind on the things that really matter in this life and keep moving forward as an individual.
Diet Broccoli, apple cider vinegar, canola/olive oil, fish oil, stevia to keep the blood alkaline. I feel like once I started adding a pH focus to my diet my speed endurance has really taken off.
Nothing fancy otherwise… ~3000kcal/day 90/400/120 fats/protein/carb ratio. Lots of whole grains, fruits, eggs, chicken, peanut butter, and dairy. Not afraid to eat processed foods at get-togethers and whatnot.

Supplements: Beta Alanine 2-3 times/day
At breakfast: normal multivitamin, half a B complex tablet, and magnesium (full tab on recovery days, half a tab on speed days)
Evenings of speed days: 2 cups, 20 minutes epsom salt bath
Before bed: zinc and magnesium on speed days, only magnesium on others
Therapy: foam roll and baseball: just to check for tissue inconsistency. If I find anything I work on it a little at a time so that I’m not causing much damage.
Heat before and during training when something feels funky
Freezing water to start and end my showers
I tend to naturally have low muscle tone so I don’t usually have problems with tightness and trigger points. I’m also pretty good at keeping stress-free by not sweating the small stuff.

Training: Length of sessions: keepin em under 1 hour keeps quality high and keeps me from adding unnecessary training elements and volume. I also read somewhere that HGH peaks at 45minutes to an hour and shutting down around that time will help keep levels high. General Strength bodyweight circuit. Been a staple in my training for a while now and during comp phase has taken over for running tempo. I feel like it’s really helped me gain control over my body and has helped my 200 considerably. My spikes hate me for making them carry 190 lbs around tight indoor curves but my body doesn’t seem to mind a bit.
Glute/Post chain focused lifting: Full squats for one end of the ROM, RDLs for the middle, and hyper variations for the other end. Supplemented with plyos that use the same positions. Really helps me gain an awareness of how to keep my post chain the primary mover out of the blocks.
Rest: plenty of rest between max effort running. When I’m not training I take whatever time I can manage to myself for some R&R whenever possible. Plenty of rest between high intensity days and competition.

I’ll be running the 60 for the first time this weekend. Next weekend is the conference meet, then a tune-up, then nationals.

3x35m fly
250, 200 30,23
2x 4 hypercomplex, 4 hyper throw

2x10 hurdle mob skipping pace
3xgs circuit

3x(20m sled, 30m block start), additional 30m block start

Evening: Full Squat 3x3 275 285 285
2x(3 RDL, 3 drop catch RDL) 275, 185
2x 8 alt leg bounding
2xcore circuit

Meet this weekend:
60m prelim: 6.93
60m final: 6.95

After the prelim there was a 3+ hour wait and I spent most of it being nervous about a dull ache in my lower abdominal wall. I eased into a warmup and noticed no pain so I went ahead and ran. They wouldn’t let me use my own blocks and the one I was using slipped… so that was pretty much all she wrote for the final. Not mad about a ~6.45/6.47 day… Conference championships this week so I started my training a day early:

2x225 in 26
2xcore circuit including hypercomplex/throw combos

Hurdle mobility 2x10 skipping pace
1x tempo 150 21s
2xGS circuit

Yesterday was the last HI session this week, heading to Cleveland Friday morning for conference championships. Have a few meet records in my sights, Lord willing: 6.37/22.58

Tues A:
2x(20 sled, 30 blocks), 2x30 blocks

Tues B:
3x3 Full Squat 275
2x depth drop into 3broad
2x(3x275 RDL, 3x185 drop-catch RDL)
2x8 alt leg bounding
2xcore circuit

Couple questions:

1: Why are you still doing sleds?

2: Why are you still doing complex training?

3: Why are you still doing drop catch rdl’s etc?

Since this is conference I would have gone slightly lower volume or completely dropped the squats since you haven’t punched your NCAA ticket…