Misnamed Sprinter's Training Log

Since I’ve started the heavy sprinting I’ve gone down to about 188 while killin food. hope the training goes well and the body holds up for you this year.

Tues A 240m/40 contacts
WU Green
2x40 4pt
alt leg bound w/ low heel recovery, hurdle hops, st leg bound
40 blocks, plyos, 40 blocks

The focus was on some minor adjustments to my blocks… it was more or less successful but I just zoned out and ran with a blank mind on a few of them… felt powerful and my transition is feeling smoother.

no weights today… just didnt have time but they can easily be switched around

WU Red, Hurdle Mobility x8
3x(200, 150) 3min rest 27-29s, 17-19s

2x core circuit

Thurs A
WU Green
2x(40fly, fef, 40fly) 15m run in to the flies, 252025 fef runs

Thurs B
Hang clean 3x3 225
w/ 2e alt leg bound focus on complete push
2xhyper complex/throw circuit

600m jog/shuffle, hurdle mob x8
3x big GS circuit

GS circuit seems to be getting easier

Sat A
WU Green
Feels like I’m transitioning easier and easier into top speed mechanics… This was my last speed workout for this block… next block will incorporate a little bit of SE work.


Power clean 3x3 245
w/ hurdle hops x3
Squat 3x3 385
w/ Vsq x3 on set 1, and the rec was about to close after that so I did a few drop steps into hanging on the rim after the last set

Took the last two days off and this afternoon did:
4x60m blocks

This evening:
pc 2x3 225
squat 2x3 315
Quick eccentric RDL 2x4 135
4x Vsq MB throw with 9lb ball
4x BLV
Took it very easy because of some extra block tech work and this is actually my 16th week of training so I want to recupe as much as possible.
Also never mentioned Tuesday’s workout
20 plyo contacts
Got one video of a full 30 and it was the same number of frames as the one I took 4 weeks ago. But on that rep I regressed to all the same habits that added time, especially to my first step. I did do the run in a half a step less though(16 steps this time). Time after first step continues to be great (3.5) but the first step takes forever to get down.

Also tuesday:
hang clean 2x3
w/ alt leg bound
Hypercomplex/throw circuit

2xab circuit

why is this a bad thing.

how many steps did you take to cover the 30m.

have you tried to work on the 30m first befor breaking into segments

Tell me to nick off if you want.

Just compared to the improvements I’ve made lately the first step on that run took .03-.06 longer. I guess that doesn’t necessarily mean that longer accels will be slower but judge for yourself… this is the one from 4 weeks ago.

And I didn’t catch what you meant but I’ve been doing accels out to and beyond 30m for about 10 weeks now.

looks ok, is your foot contact the same as your plyos, looks a bit low key from here.

A little catching up to do:
Monday A:
4x(form run out of blocks, 35m block start)
Safety Rack Squat 3x3
w/ 2x3e alt leg bound
Hypercomplex/throw complex 2x8
2x ab circuit

3x GS circuit

250 no time
200 ~25
2x150 no times

The college track is close for a month for painting… so I have a 40 minute drive to this dome complex… went there for the first time today and it should be just fine for me. $20 for the month.

Friday A:
5x30m fly… full run in

Friday B:
Power clean 3x2 225 245 265
RDL 2x3 275
Dropcatch RDL 1x4 185

Mon A
2x30 4pt accels
4x30 blocks

Mon B
3x3 safety rack squat
w/ 3broad sets 1,3
2x8 hyper/throw complex
w/ st leg bound sets 1,3

2xcore circuit

2x through big GS circuit

Weds A:
5x30m fly (full run-in)
3x hurdle hops after reps 2 and 4
2x alt leg bound 6e
2x st leg bound 6e

Weds B:
Power clean 221 245 245 265
RDL 2x3 275
Dropcatch RDL 1x4 185

The transition has been as smooth as possible with having to drive to another facility… the track is beaded and rock hard but it does the job nicely.

What’s your purpose for the drop catch rdl?

More eccentric post chain loading than normal RDL

Do you really need that since your doing a s2l program?