Might as well...


PC - 165 x 3, 175x2, 165x3
SQ - 225x3, 275x3, 295x3, 315x3
BP - 175x3, 185x3, 195x3

10min on bike (100 calories burned)

SQ 135x5, 185x5, 225x3, 275x3, 295x3, 295x3
BP 115x5, 145x3, 185 3x3
Wide Grip Seated Row 130x13, 130x12, 150x8

10min bike (120 calories burned)

Was posting my workouts at another forum, but I started really focusing on speed instead of weights so I think this is the right place to log.

Hills Speed Workout
Warmup (Drills, mobility, jogging, foam rolling etc)

MB Accels (1) x 8
MB Accels (2) x 1

40mx4 (4min rest b/w reps, 5-7 between sets)


Notes: Wanted to do more mb accels, but the grass had geese poop everywhere and the other fields were taken. Got a few videos of my mb stuff and hill runs, uploading later. Hamstrings super sore as usual. Timed brother in 100m - his conditioning is really bad and he just started to do speed work with me - 14.3ish, his hip flexors were bothering him too. He can easily shave a second off from conditioning alone.

Low Intensity Med Ball Circuit

Chest Throws - 40
Side pass left/right - 40
Seated Rollback Throws - 20
Seated Chest Pass - 40
Variation seated chest pass - 35
Straight Leg Toe Touches - 50
Passes around the body - 50

Total: 275 throws

Light stretch, 20 pushups

Notes: Got my heart beating a bit. Throws will be doubled next time, and i’ll do more of the exercises as shown in GPP essentials. Gotta keep my conditioning mint.

9/7/2011 - Upper body

Bench - 185 3x3
Pullups - 7,6,5,9
Seated Cable Row (Close Grip) - 100# 4x12
Reverse Hyperextensions - 3x10 @ bw

Notes: Kept everything light as I’m easing my way back into it.

9/8/2011 - Sprints

4x10m flat on ground
4x10m pushup position
2x20m high start
3x20m EFE
1x 25m acceleration and maintain to 50m

Notes: Did this on the indoor track today. Shins were feeling it on the 20m starts. It eased up on the last EFE when I really focused on running “up and down” as in only feeling knees and arms up and down.

Explosive Medicine Ball Throws

10x squat throw
10x single hop throw
9x double hop throw

Notes: Good. Switched to a 10 lb medicine ball from a 13 lb - way easier. Used concrete for the hops because the grass was soaked.

Try to do most work on grass and with sneakers/training flats when possible instead of spikes or those shin splints won’t go away. I had shin splints pretty bad for more then an year. They finally went away when I started avoiding hard surfaces like the plague. Basically did everything, from tempo to long sprints to warmup on grass and only high intensity(shorter) sprint work on the track, and even for that I bought some of those 400m. spikes that have a soft sole all the way back, not sure if I’m explaining that right. I only used my sprint spikes in competitions that year.

I always use flats to train. Won’t bring out the spikes till around time trial time. It’s hard to use grass sometimes especially if it’s rainy or snowing. For tempo, I will always be using grass no matter what (unless snow, or subzero temperature). For sprints, I will use grass if the weather permits.

9/10/2011 - Weights

Squats - 225 3x5
Bench - 170 3x5
Seated Cable Row (Close Grip) - 120# 3x10

Easy workout to get back into it and avoid soreness.

9/11/2011 - Extensive Tempo

(in metres)

90 + 90 + 90
90 + 180 + 90 + 90
90 + 90 + 90 + 180

(total 1170m) (+270m from last time)

No shin issues here. My form felt good and natural. All I focused on was up and down movement of arms and legs. My arms were the leader, my legs just followed. Feels good.

9/12/2011 - Weights (low volume)

Squat - 235 2x5
Bench - 185 2x4
Seated Cable Row (close grip) - 120# 5x10
Hanging Leg Raises - 3x8

Easy workout, just kept it low as I shall sprint tomorrow.


Sprints - 40m x 7
Med Ball Squat Throws x 10
Med Ball Single Hop Throws x 5

Notes: Was raining out, was late. Crappy day, crappy warmup. Just crap. At least I got something in, though. Got till October 20th to get a time of 7.55 or less in the 60m to make the track team. I’m hoping to get at least low 7.5x or high 7.4x. Plan is to cut and lose 8 lbs or so.

Do you have tryout or competition with real electronic timing or is this just the coach handtiming you in practices to determine if your in the team or not?

Real electronic timing, gun and all, ha.

9/21/2011 - Weights

Squats 245 2x5
Bench 165 3x5
Seated Cable Row (narrow grip) 120 3x12
Chinups 2x5, 1x3

Notes: LOADS of studying, working 20 hrs a week, and I’m sick. Hard to fit this in but once I get ahead in my classes I’ll be set. :slight_smile:

9/22/2011 - Extensive Tempo

100m x 10

Notes: New orthotics. Not a pain in my leg at all.

9/23/2011 - Weights

Bench - 170 4x5
DB Bench - 50s 2x10
Seated Cable Row - 110x12 130 3x12
Chinups - 3x5
Seated Russian Twist (legs up) 25# 4x15
V-Ups 2x10

Bike - 10min

Back to logging again. had time trials yesterday. The gun wasn’t working at first and I got a 7.45. My training has been terrible the past month. The electric timer started working, and I stood around waiting for the 2nd trial of 60s to begin and I got a 7.74. Had no energy, felt powerless, and sore. Not surprising. Back at it to kill it on December 2nd.

Squats - 195 3x5
Bench - 155 3x5
Chinups - 7,6,6 @ bw

7min HIIT on bike - 76 calories
45 off, 15 on

Sore as hell. Light day. ate a lot. PSMF’d yesterday

Deadlift 205x5
Press 95 5x3
Squat 135x5 175x5

Kept it light. Very light, so weak from not working out for awhile - moving weight up in 2 days to:

Squat - 210
Bench - 165

Gotta add in sprinting on tuesday, too.

Medball throws

Squat throw x8
Single Hop Throw x6
Double Hop Throw x4


Ankle Hops 2x7


2x10 flat ground
2x10 pushup
2x20 efe
1 x 50 high start 20 accel 30 maintain

Squats 215 3x5
Bench 165 3x5
Pullups 3x5
Some medball abs

-Squats a bit hard at first, got easier. Think I’m gonna PSMF for 11 days. We’ll see.

Squats: 225 3x5
Bench 170 3x5
Chinups: 7,6,7


Leg Press 3x15 @ 205
Leg Curl 3x15 @ 30
Bench Press 3x15 @ 95
DB Row 3x15 @ 25 (e)
Lateral Raise 3x15 @ 10(e)
Calf raise 3x15 @ 75
Bicep Curl 2x15 @ 15 (e)
Tricep Pushdown 2x15 @ 30,40


This is only because I’m doing Ultimate Diet 2.0, and it’s recommended. I thought I was supposed to do the circuit once, but I was actually supposed to do it twice

Oct 30 2011 Circuit

Leg Press 3x15 @ 225
Leg Curl 3x15 @ 50
Bench Press 3x15 @ 95,85
Seated Cable Row 3x15 @ 90
Lateral Raise 2x15 @ 10(e)
Calf raise 3x15 @ 75
Bicep Curl 2x15 @ 15 (e)
Tricep Pushdown 2x15 @ 45