Media in love with lolo...teammates aren't!

In American if your not light bright and damn near white you are still treated like a second class citizen.
They had no coverage on any of the other hurdles. Media acted like lolo had a shot of winning.

If you can’t watch this video let me know I’ll post another link.

Wow. Bitter jealous mean girls much? If they have a problem, they should get better agents or managers. The media is all about making money. Lolo had something people were interested in and the media tried to make a buck. Woop-d-doo.

Naw Its a little deeper than that. Look at brittany Reese, one of if not the best female long jumper in history, and she barely got a story. In the US its all about looks and how light your skin is. They went overboard with lolo, knowing she barely had a chance at 3rd place.

There is some truth in that, but ultimately the media just gives what the consumers want and the consumers want pretty, usually light-skinned girls. If there is anyone to blame it’s the American public. If you know how to change that then you’ve got my vote for president. Also, most people in America don’t take women’s sports seriously, so a pretty face is usually going to beat out a top female athlete who isn’t as pretty in the news.

Kellie is fine but purple ass hair is not going to endear itself to the American public like a 29 year old virgin with personality and a shitty early life story. Dawn is not fine.

Body wise dawn is on point. I hate Lolos backside or lack there of. Kellie is the finest, but she is hood. I’ve her somethings about her on the circuit.

How is she hood - she speaks well etc? Let’s not judge her purple hair - we could do the same with dreads and non-color people with their red/purple hair.

Lol. I’m speaking from experience. Not to say she can’t turn it off and on when needed. People with dreads and golds are always thugs. You kno that.

No, I don’t know that - but I do know Doctors and others with phd’s with dreads…

Why r u responding to my jokes, you have gotten pretty lame sir. What happen to u

So sad, Kellie Wells works 3 jobs and lives in a frat house while she’s training for the Olympics?!! I really hate the political side of track and field.

lol, as a black man who gets along very well with whites, I beg to differ.

The times have changed to where if you’re simply a male (regardless of race), you will be treated as a second class citizen; American culture displays open misandry now days.

Sure, racism is still around, but these days, at least in United States, people don’t like blacks simply because of the way they carry themselves (sagging pants, gang/hood culture, boisterous behavior); nothing more nothing less.

Ok maybe its like that in your world, but in the real world racism is very much a part of everyday life. Why do you think people hate Obama so much, Its not cause he tries to help the middle class. Its because he is black. If he was a white man there probably wouldnt be a tea party. maybe you need to tune into fox news, ill bet you will see some racism then.

On second thought stay in your bubble, Its rough out here in these streets!

Your media must be different to ours (Australia) - the only USA people we seen were dark coloured (i never had a problem with it)
The only white USA person i can think of is the guy who came 2nd in the 10km run - (our media only shows Winners, everybody else is a Loser - eg, mens marathon, after 3rd crossed the line, that was it, even though the 1st Aussie guy wasn’t far away…)

You mention long jump - we hardly showed long jump either - just quick flashes. I don’t think it’s the person - more the event. eg, I’m under the impression they still did weightlifting at these games?? I was pissed because weightlifting is very exciting, oh, but lets watch Horse jumping and in the middle of day, we can’t cancel Ellen show and Days of our lives…

As for Obama - I’m under the impression NOBODY likes him. Esp dark people. (Again, living in Aus, this is what the media tells us)

I find it interesting how media can effect different people in different parts of the same world.

Lol only shows winners. Sounds like yalls coverage down under was worse than ours. We did get track coverage, but I had to go online to watch all the heats.
Didnt see any weight lifting or taekwondo on tv. They did show a lot of rhythmic gymnastics and water polo.

As for Obama, Fox news and the republic party spread total lies about him and the audience that watches fox generally are not the brightest. They refuse to do any fact checking.The funny part is many of the people who hate Obama are in the middle class. The middle class is all Obama fights for while the republican party fights for the rich. The republican party is majority white. People who watch fox news are mostly white. Tea party which is a extremist republican organization made up of poor and middle class southern whites hate obama. They are the ones obama fights for while the republicans can give two shits about them.

As for the the dark/blacks who hate obama, Balcks in america are like crabs in a pot. You ever notice when cooking crabs they are all trying to climb out. If one makes it to the top, there is always a crab below that pulls it back into the pot…that is how blacks act in America. They say Obama hasnt done anything for blacks, but yet blacks havent asked him for anything. Again just like the tea party, most blacks are in the middle class or below. And who does Obama fight for…The middle class. America is a fucked up country.

haha, we got lots of Hoola Hoop dancing too! Water polo and Hockey were big here.

Re - politics. I heard one interesting thing last night, and thinking about it, seems to hold true here as well. In that, the two big partys (in the Usa n here) are both to blame. They are that big that if you don’t toe party line, your shunted out. Meaning, follow party protocol no matter what = therefore meaning, Forget about the people, the people don’t matter, only our Party matters.
What to do about it? Vote independent - if enough independents get into the federal parliament, then there is less falling into Party line when it’s decision making time.
Eg - at the moment - Our state Party at last election. We had a massive shift from 20+yrs of one party, that party got slaughtered, it was a 95% shift away from the existing party. So the new party has Major control over the state. This means, they have total control. Jobs are being lost left and right. Shops are closing in droves in certain areas.

Im not a fan of these political parties - one is too far left, one is too far right. They both create too many laws = this will and has lead to a lawless society where no matter what you, you’re breaking some sort of law (and not many even know they are breaking it…) there are far too many laws. I once worked at this place, where because somebody fell on set of stairs, they made it “law” you needed to wear Gloves when walking up n down stairs… Seriously… Nobody has freedom anymore.

Amazing. ITs pretty much the same here. The only thing with Obama is he is more in the center not left nor right, which I thinka president should be. The democrats dont fight back at the republicans enough and the republicans are so far right they bout to jump off the ledge. At a republican convention the audience booed a soldier cause he was gay. The republicans want to outlaw abortion (even if the woman was raped), contraception, and cut back on goverment. One republican said he wanted to cut out public education! They want to make it so kids who can afford private school get educated and kids who cant get screwed. So what color is the families that generally can afford private school…they are not latin, black, or asian.
Republicans also want to get rid of medicare, which takes care of senior citizens. They also want to lower taxes on the rich and raise them on the poor and middle class. This is the platform the current republican presidential nominee is running on. They want to get rid of the middle class so that there is only poor and rich. That is the definition of a third world country. They also want to shrink the government to the point that you will have to pave your own road, maintain your own city, build wells to get your own water.

And then there is religion. There is supposed to be separation of church and state. But we have black preachers goin on a crusade against obama cause he said he thinks its ok for gays to get married. Who gives a shit if they get married thats there business. People are voting based on religion and not what they need.

I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” Mahatma Gandhi

I have to disagree on Obama not being far left. For this country he is far left. Some very socialistic views.

I agree the republicans are too far right. Need more Reagan and Clinton.

My fear is Obama puts us on a path to socialism like Europe which we can see clearly does not work. I personally have a huge disdain for large government controls over personal decision. I just try to think about it logically and the Obama administration spends too much money.

The socialism thing is something created by the republicans so they could hate on obama. What has he done that socialistic besides healthcare, which works in Canada, Plus knowone else has stepped up with any ideas besides cut cut cut. Clinton I agree, but Reagan…come on. But he would be better than the clown republicans we have now.

And The deficit bush left us with, how else can we dig ourselves out of the whole without spending money? Bush had 2 wars funded with money we didnt have. In fact he didnt even put the wars on the books. So once Obama got into office he was already screwed. Then you got wallstreet, big banks, and big oil. Plus the billions of bucks spent on the military. We spend more money on the military than every country on earth…combined. So who else has had any ideas to get us back to prosperity?

Remember you have to spend money to make money…

I found out last night, Jessy “the body” Ventura, Made money getting into office, vs everybody else Spends millions…
Some lessons can be learned there.