March Madness

In Vegas for March Madness looking to make some major cash like I did last summer.

Leaning towards punching a ticket on a square “ML” parlay 7000 to win 3000 - then move on to the night games.

Michigan State over valpo

St Louie over new mexico state

Day 1: Over 12k (thanks msu/st louie/marq) Go home smart kids = spoil a hugeeee day

Day 2: Nothing has change - go big or go home. Looking at a big open parlay:

Wisconsin/Nc state/Canes/Ksu/Osu/Unc/Minny

chris6878 you need to come to vegas…

Last day before I come back next week. Day 2: little over 3k, Day 3: little over 5k

Final day in vegas - all in on 14k+

Big ml fav parlay on the big boys.


Let’s go big10.

Can’t wait to watch osu vs iowa st and ku vs unc…

as a life long cyclone fan, that was a really hard loss to take

6 seniors on the team… our guys really gave it up but came up short to what i think is the best, and certainly the hottest team in college basketball

Your boys can shoot the 3ball… Great head coach…

I need duke and canes to seal the deal for 14k…

Winning ticket - 7mins to go in the dukies game:

$5,821.00 $14,000.56 Pending 5 Team Parlay
Pending 3/24/13 9:40pm College Basketball 718 Duke -250* vs Creighton
Win 3/24/13 2:45pm College Basketball 722 Indiana -880* vs Temple
Win 3/24/13 12:15pm College Basketball 724 Ohio State -350* vs Iowa State
Win 3/24/13 5:15pm College Basketball 728 Kansas -290* vs North Carolina
Win 3/24/13 8:40pm College Basketball 730 Miami Florida -380* vs Illinois

I’ll be back next week - can’t wait…

It’s time to make some cash today:

Leaning towards:
Canes big play
Ind big play
Osu ?
Wsu ?