Marathon Plan

Thanks John, I know a few people who will like that :slight_smile:
Today is Tue, day 10 of being sick. I haven’t been sicker for more than 2-3days in like 15+ years. I refuse to get sick… So this is baffling.

Another Tue - another week of being sick. Attempted to run this morning - it did’t work, not even nearly.

bugger so what’s that 17 days? Been to the Dr?

18days today. Dr said it was a lung infection - got me on Asthma puffers and antibiotics. Though, i think it’s viral and the antibiotics did stuff all.
It’s nearly gone, but really cold air Hurts the lungs??? Puffers don’t seem to do squat - maybe a touch??
Worst thing now, is some eye condition? Hurts in the sun, and has woken me up the last two nights with extreme pain?? On drops, which help during the day time a lot, but did nothing for the midnight pain??
If it’s not one thing, it’s another… It’s like 15yrs of sickness has been built up and is being unleashed all at once!!

I was getting very excited for my 3km race in end Aug. If i can get healthy and a week of aerobic runs in by end of this month, then i have only 6wks left - and my base reduced to a month of sickness… not very exciting now…

Wed - Tempo workout - slow. Lungs felt ok before, but like crap during. Had to keep the pace much slower than normal - basically just tried to finish without hurting

Thur - 1/2hr run. Had to run much slower than normal, and stop and walk for periods to get the heart rate back under control - this mostly occurred when the lungs were about to cough up some deep seeded crap. Also about 1/2hr of foamrolling about 1hr before the run, mostly thighs and hips.
Finally had a good nights sleep.

Last Fri - A.m. - around 10 x 400’s at a pretty slow pace eg around 90sec with 60sec recoverys. After 5, the lungs cleared up and felt good for the rest.
P.m. - 10 x 200’s with 2min recoverys in 38-40sec each - Felt great

Sat - crappy weather - day off
Sun - Half hr bike ride - around a 1.5km loop, each loop bringing the heart rate 5 x beats higher. Ended with HR at La+ threshold. Feeling much better.

Mon - 25min jog - pretty darn easy at the start, worked up into a decent trot with 1km to go. Felt Fantastic

Tue - Shocking weather - so did 20min Circuit session indoors

Wed - Shocking weather, wet and cold - day off

Thurs - 1hr session - good warm up, then 3 x 400m efforts with 10min recoverys, then a good warm down.
Was still raining, ground was water socked with puddles everywhere…
Times - 64sec, 63sec and an easier 72sec. Goal is to get these down to 55sec before the next race. Be easier in dry conditions… But, i recon i still need to improve 5x sec over 400m Pace is pretty slow ATM

Fri - Vo2Max work - 32min total
Max HR 171
7 x 340m (that’s how big the park was)
All done on a 3min cycle - so, around 1min 50sec rest, as each rep was around 1min 8sec. The last two were 1:06 and 1:02. Ran out of daylight (planed was 10 reps) Need to start earlier, easier said than done on Fri’s

40min of Hill work. (pretty decent steepness too)
On a shorter hill than my last block of hills
6.5km all up.
250m efforts - then a slow jog for a few hundred meters, then run solid/steady down hill, once at bottom, it’s around 700m back to the start.
Total of 3 x Circuits
Times up hill, 48sec, 48sec, 49sec

Side notes - it took a solid week for the Blood pressure to return to normal levels after the Lung infection, It was fairly Low until Wed night, Thur morning. Hence why the last week was just easy work till the body sorted itself out.
Resting Heart rate was pretty elevated until today, finally it’s dropped to nearly normal levels.
Have lost a solid 3km of bodyweight since the lung infection - 1kg of muscle, and 2kg of Fat - now i’m under 4% bodyfat levels - eat eat eat now…
Since i have a fast 3km race in around 7weeks, I’ll try to gain only 1kg of mass between now and then.

What’s your height and weight??

5f 11.5
67kg now, 70kg before infection - held that weight for for about half a yr now, easy.

I lost 5kg after my first two terms of full time teaching - from 60 to 55!! :stuck_out_tongue:

55!! That’s pretty light. At the 1998 aussie commonwealth games trials, when I was racing 800’s, I hit my lowest adult weight, 59kg.
At my heaviest, 86kg (but wasn’t running then, just doing weights)

The heaviest I’ve ever been is 67kg, and I had to work hard to get there…

  • I know what you mean. It took me years to hit 70kg, Then took zero running and another 2-3yrs of crazy weights training to hit 86kg. (28kg more than my lightest running weight)

Sun - foamrolling on calf’s - they were pretty tight/sore. Would liked to have gone for a bike ride, but when the timing presented itself, the Temperature had plummeted (it gets cold on a bike, and i don’t really have the right winter training gear for bikes)

Mon - Two sessions
3pm - 3.87 km, 25min track session (the air was unfamiliar DRY, when it’s normally humid - hurts…)
3 x 400’s and 2 x 200’s (at goal pace 3000m - ended up a fraction faster) Goal pace 68sec

1 - 67sec - HR avg - 148, Max HR - 163
2 - 67sec - HR avg - 154, Max HR - 167
3 - 68sec - HR avg - 154, Max HR - 169
4 - 36sec - HR avg - 145, Max HR - 157
5 - 33sec - HR avg - 148, Max HR - 160

Recoverys were just under 2min for the 400s, and 50sec for the 200s.

6:30pm - easy recovery jog - 17min
3.22km - very cold time of day, nasty. 5 deg C with wind.

Tue - Easy recovery session - 14min jog

Wed - 1hr 36min total
6 x 700m efforts (with a 45deg 1.5m high “Lump” on each lap " 2 x laps")

Goal was to hit 2min 16sec each effort
2:47 took it easy

After which, the rest of the workout was running circuits
12.5km all up

Thurs - 1.5hr of foamrolling

Fri - warm up / 2 x 200’s / warm down. About 15min. Mentally i ready to go 2hrs earlier, but, was stuck in traffic which done my head in… Weird. On a motorway doing avg 10km/hr for 1/2hr.

Sat - Day got away from me with work.

Sun - Hills training
3 x hills, 51sec, 48sec, 49sec long hills.
I only been timing the up hill section, but, my race coming up, has a hill in the middle - i think i need to progress to 1km loops, of flat - up hill - small flat - down hill - flat. I think it will suit the race a lot more than just doing hard up hills easy flats and hard down hills.

Followed this with 20min of cycling to flush out the legs.

Mon - Planned on running a recovery jog - but ended up doing Foamrolling and shacking therapy on legs for 45min. Legs felt Great afterwards. Looking forward to a great workout Tue

Seems I slept on my training watch and reset it, thereby deleting last weeks training…
Hopefully I remember most,

Last Tue,
Ran 600m laps of a park, continuous
Each lap I raised the heart rate by 5beats
Then tried for a 175, but only got to 172 and lasted only 180m.
If I remember, each lap got faster, but was erratic in the first few laps as it was uncomfortablly slow. I think the times went from just over 3min to to around just over 2min lap.

Park lap 350m around, ran 1 lap fast, 1 lap easy.
Ran 4 lots of hard, easy and max heart rate again, 172.
Times were 65sec, except the last one in 62sec

Then some others arrived and we ran 8*200’s on 90sec cycle, all were close to 31sec

1hr of foamrolling

Raining and cold
1st, 1:44
2nd, 1:39
3rd, 1:36
4th, 1:36
5th, was just a medium 400 pacing someone else, 1:30

Max heart rate, 172, again

Sat/Sun had off

1*600 on a proper track, but still in Flats.
Calfs and feet were a bit stiff and tender, so didn’t push too hard. Max hr 168.
Including the run and jobs, 40min.

A bit of a recovery session,
Running circuits, 40min, 5.3km, ave hr 134
10min stretching

Got a bit of a break now before my next client, so time for some therapy.
I do endeavour to record some of the shaking therapy for you guys, but I need somebody to use the camera

Just over 1hr 20min of training (with light showers every now and then - enough to fill the shoes up with water by the end)
Venue, usual Grass paddock/ local park area. To cover 600m, requires running around 3 x park grounds (all connected) but the middle ground is 1.6m higher, with a 45degree “hill” leading into it.
Goal was 4 x 600’s - with at least 10-15+ minutes between reps.
1 - 1:37
2 - 1:33
3 - 1:32
4 - 2:01 = lasted to around 500m, then died badly

Heart rate didn’t hit max today - 169. “current max 172”

Max Heart rate a few yrs ago was 183. With lots of Base aerobic, the heart should be Bigger, and now pump more blood per Beat. However, it’s not strong enough to pump Fast, RPM. With the right La+ training, the heart should also become stronger - a Stronger / Larger heart that can pump more blood per beat, and still pump at a fast RPM = some nice fast running in a few months time can/should be forecast.

Also - Maths wise for my 3km event coming up.
3km - 3000m
600m * 5 = 3000
Goal time is 8min 30sec
Goal time per 600m is 1min 42 (1:42)
1st 600m day gave me 1:36 - or a 6sec buffer per 600m, or 30sec buffer over 3km.
Current speed
600m in 1:32 = 10sec buffer per 600m, or 50sec buffer over 3km
600m in 1:25 = 17sec bufer per 600m or 1min 25 buffer over 3km

Not only does the time show nearly Triple the Buffer reserve - but as the speed increases, the Distance covered is now Over triple the reserve.
A 17sec buffer goal over 600m v’s 6sec buffer from last week = :slight_smile:

Easy 6km jog - recovery session

Am - 50min of medium speed intervals - nothing too hard. Heart rate only really just hit 160

PM - 1hr of intervals
350m laps, on grass with little hill in the middle.
1 lap fast, 1 lap slow - done 4 times. No stopping allowed, not even for a second.
Times were, 56, 58, 58 and 60sec.
Goal for the session was 60sec laps… (for the fast ones)
Again, didnt hit max HR - about 168
Short rest - then 4 laps of run half a lap, jog half a lap

Sat - off, wanted to, but was out of town for a few more hrs than planned

Sun - 6km run at decient speed, but, within 20m of the end of the 6km, my hips started to feel funny, then the right Calf started to cramp up. So i stopped, then jogged very slow the last 1.5km to get to where i was going.

Mon - 1.5hrs of leg therapy
Then 1hr later, an easy 5km jog

Tue -
45min of intervals
400m laps (might be a bit longer??)
1 lap fast, 1 lap easy - done 4 times, no stopping for even 1sec
Times, 72,71,71,71
Small rest then,
4 laps of, jog 200, run 200
Times, 32,31,31,31

I can feel my left hammy is still tight from last week - more therapy today should fix it up

I am really noticing a huge difference the 600’s are making. Makes anything slower feel soooo much easier.

1hr 12min workout - 8.5km - ran the efforts in Flats, ran the rests in joggers.
Location, Park - with a small 1.5m hill half way
Heart rate
avg - 120
Max - 167

200m - 31sec,
2min rest
200m - 29sec
active rest, 12min
600m - 1min 31 (smashed me with La+)
active rest, 18min
200m - 33sec
3min rest
200m - 33sec
6min rest
512m - 70sec (eq to 400m in 54.5sec)
Absolutely drilled me with La+
warm down

Not sure how much faster i can go in Flats - esp on this parkland circuit.
I think it’s time to up the distance towards 1km reps.
3.5wks till 3km race.