Marathon Plan

Thur - off - foamrolled

Fri - 10min on the spin bike, then 42min of running circuits, 7.2km all up. Nothing too hard.

Sat - 1hr Time trial - 15.9km. Hr avg, 158 - max 168 (max was in the last 500m) typically avg 162ish after the 1st 10min
Lungs were hurting after 12km till about 14km - sort of felt cramping?? weird. Otherwise, the pace was pretty consistent the entire way, 8km in 29:50 and the 2nd 7.9km in 30:10.
Even though it’s cooled off - there was rain about and therefore high humidity, so still lost 1.5kg of sweat in the HR.

1week to go before 1st 10km race of the season.

apologies as we have discussed this before, but do you us HR as a fitness monitor (compare afterwards) or pace monitor (during session), or both?

I know that lung thing, bloody sore and in my case more lower throat. Can’t believe you haven’t had it before, often it is cold weather related.

Depends on what the Plan calls for.
That run, was trying to keep to 16/km/hr - and just see what the heart does.

Other runs, esp recovery runs, are to keep the HR down.
Runs that are for base training, are to keep the HR UNDER La+ at all times (a couple of sec here and there due to road conditions…) But yeah, there are deff runs that are done watching the HR instead of speed or whatever else. This makes training easier to recover from, and allows for more volume.

Re- lung thing - I have had the burning throat thing from cold - i think i have had the crampy lung thing before, but - not for such a long period of time (in terms of time eg months or yrs, and in terms of time eg During a 1hr run, or Time Trial - if it was during a normal training run, i would have stopped for a minute or two…)

Sunday -
21min easy recovery run or 3.8km
then 35min of Running Circuits - 4.2km

Total for the week - 4hrs 11min
2 x time trails
2 x days off

Mon - off - lots of foamrolling, legs very stiff
Tue - 20min of easy jogging, more foamrolling, legs still very stiff (new areas, not same as yesterday)
Wed - warm up, then 3km of run at race pace (18km/hr) then jog (12-14km/hr) around a park, North/South runs were Race pace, East/West were Jogs. Felt really good at the end.
Thurs - Off

New mattress arrived Wed - for when i’m away from home working (typically 2 nights a week). The old one was very bad…
Two nights in a row i have used it, and this morning, woke up feeling Awake! First time in ages, Months, maybe 6 months.

1st race of the season is this Sunday. 10km as part of a team Triathlon.

Up coming Races and Training Plan

Training Plan (after this weekends race)
Base for 2 x months
Hills for 1 x month
Intervals for 8 wks
Hold racing form for 1.5 - 2 months

Racing Plan
6th May - Half marathon Falls in Base
11th June - 18.5km Falls in Base
1st July - either half or full marathon?? Falls in Base - Next week is start of Hills
15th July - 21k or 10k? Falls in Hills
22nd July - king of mountain (about 25min) Falls in Hills
29th july - 5,10 or 21k Start of Intervals / La+ workouts
5th Aug - 15km Falls in Intervals
19th Aug - 3km Falls in Intervals
26th Aug - 5km Falls in Intervals
2nd Sept - 5km Falls in intervals
14th Oct - 10km Peak racing form
1st Nov - 5km Peak racing form
3-11th Nov Pan Pacific Masters Peak racing form

I need more races during Sept/Oct - Hopefully will get some 800m and 1500m races, but there are none planned this far out except for Pan Pacific

Hi Bold,

I am very much looking forward to hearing how your first race goes. Keep us posted!

Thanks T-slow.
To explain what the race is - Triathlon, It’s a 1.5km Swim, 40km Ride, 10km run.
Conditions were very Calm, zero breeze and started cool at 7;30am but 99% humidity, and by 10am it was 28deg C and still around 80% humidity - so like summer (it’s nearly winter here…)
As a team, we have three guys, each doing One Leg each (i did the run)
With 600 people competing, and nearly 100 teams, They had to start the event in Wave type starts.
Elite men start, then elite women, then Age group Individuals in various wave starts.
By the time Out team Swimmer had started, The elite individual men already were on their bike, around 35-40min before us.

Out swimmer swam great, he was 60sec behind the winner, in a pack of about 4 fighting for 2-5th.
On change over, you have to swap over a Timing chip, which our cyclist lost about 30sec doing…

At the end of the cycle race, we had moved into a solid 2nd and still 60sec behind - and past a lot of individual guys in the process.

During the run, i was keeping Pace with the 1km markers perfectly for a 35min run - this lasted 3km and i didnt see any more 1km markers till 1km to go!!
Constantly passing guys due to starting so far behind, eg, perhaps passing one person on average every 50m (it makes you feel like you’re going faster than you really are)

I felt like the pace was consistent till around 4km - then the Heat started to really effect me - started to make the Heart rate go higher and the pace go slower. (Normally the only thing to make the Heart rate go higher is a Faster Pace - otherwise it just sits there if pace is the same)

Eventually, i got sight of the Leader runner and caught him by around 800m to go - Where i sat till we got to the Finishing park (around 300m to go) After which, i passed him and just sprinted away and put around 100m on him. (seems the spring wasnt really needed, but i was in pain and just kept running)

Wasnt too happy with my time - I lost way too much speed between 3km and 9km - during the km splits i could see, i was running for 35min pace, when i didnt see them, it slowed way down to 4min per km avg. So overall time was just under 38. It was hot as all buggery, but even in that heat, wasnt a very fast time. Oh well. Heart rate graph didnt really show a very high Heart rate, it was up, but nothing specially high. Considering it was hurting a lot - i thought the HR would have been somewhat higher (Heat Stress??)

I was that Hot, that later when i went to bed, even when it cooled off, i couldnt sleep under sheets - i felt burning.

So - have to release my calfs (a bit sore) and get ready for a 2 month big base (more km and more hrs, with hopefully faster base km pace)

Mon - 5.6km recovery run. Lower legs sore, not so much the calfs, but underneath them, the tibilas Posterior was shattered

Tue - 7.1km of running circuits in 50min

Wed - 8.5km of running - felt pretty good

Ordered a new Gell Mattress today with 7 different spring zones, with pocket springs. The goal being a better mattress gives a better sleep, and lets the muscles recover quicker and better. It arrives in around 1week.

A win is always nice, well done.

How do you correspond

I felt like the pace was consistent till around 4km - then the Heat started to really effect me - started to make the Heart rate go higher and the pace go slower. (Normally the only thing to make the Heart rate go higher is a Faster Pace - otherwise it just sits there if pace is the same)

Heart rate graph didnt really show a very high Heart rate, it was up, but nothing specially high. Considering it was hurting a lot - i thought the HR would have been somewhat higher (Heat Stress??)

was the first one how you felt or were you looking at HR while racing?

Hey John
The pace was pretty consistent in the 1st 4km going by 1km splits. The HR was up about where i was expecting for a 10km run. Typically what would happen, at this stage, is for the pace to maintain, the heart rate would go up, but, im talking like 2-4 beats over the rest of the race, and another 4-5 beats for the last 1km or half a km due to kicking it home. But - That didn’t happen. The HR stayed at the same level as at the end of 4km till the last few hundred mtrs. At which point, it went up 5 beats only.

What’s happening here - 6 months of base work with very minimium La+ training. The heart is now a lot Bigger than before, and without the Strength in the walls for fast beating. So it’s just Thumps the blood around. The strength hasnt been built up yet to get it really going fast RPM.

The other thing - Cardic Drift - this occurs duing Hotter weather and when Carb intake is low. Talking to my Cyclist, Who is also a Naturapath, my internal body thermostat could be wrong (as each yr im hating and hating summer more and more) this Can be caused due to Thyriod issue and should get some blood tests to check it out - I might need some special Iodine to help it out? As per the low carbs - normally during base training i keep my carbs around 30% or so of daily intake. But during racing, your body isnt really using much Fats (unlike base) and uses Carbs like a furnace. Was i carbed up? Gees no - I had forgotten all about it, in fact, my carb use the 24hrs before the race was possibly down to around 20%. So what happens with cardic drift is as you dehydrate, and burn away your carbs, the blood plasma volume can decrease significantly due to sweat loss, and this reduced volume is still expected to kept at a constant pressure when pumped to the rest of the body. Therefore the pump has to work harder.
A higher carb intake, actually stores More water.

Heart rate seems to be recovered as of yesterday, Wednesday.
A new way of gauging if the heart rate is recovered is as follows,
Using a Heart rate monitor.
During Aerobic work, the heart rate has a fairly Linear relationship between blood pumped and distance covered.
This means, during Aerobic work, it will take an athlete a certain number of beats to cover a specific distance.
For instance, if one can cover 10km in 35min at an average HR of 155, the Maths = (35 x 155) = 5425 beats per 10,000m, or (10000/5425) = 1.84 meters per beat.
This same athlete could expect to cover 10,000m at 40min and 45min with the same ratio… so at slower speeds the average heart rate will drop to maintain the ratio.

So therefore, if we know it takes 5425 beats to cover 10,000m of a know course, we can more or less predict what he should average for different aerobic times over the same course
If he takes 40min, the the 5425 beats will give an average HR of just over 135, and at 45min, it will drop to 120 average.

The exact ratio will vary according to bio-mechanics and can improve over time with better aerobic development and leg strength. So it’s good for Short term training blocks. (then re-test)

This sort of record keeping will determine when it’s safe to resume Hard training again. Systemic acidosis will elevate resting HR, and glycogen depletion with muscular tiredness will lower stride distance

The athlete simply has to go for a very easy morning run over a known course and determine the ratio. If it is back to normal, he is running eficiently again, if not, he should look at easier recovery until ready.

The set course should remain largely unchanged (ie road) and doesnt have to be accurately measured. So long as the same set course is used for such tests, the ratio over that course is all that matters

So, End of Last week
3hrs 50min
2 days off, Fri n Sat
All aerobic work - just keeping it easy and recovering from race

This week
Mon - Well, i was all dressed and ready to run at 5:30pm, when it hit me. Toilet… then again… It reminded me of the previous Thurs - where i ran and about 1/3rd the way through, only about 2km, i was out looking for the toilet, badly…
What i put it down to - Peanut butter sandwich i had for lunch both them days. Don’t normally eat that - and it certainly done a number on me.
So Monday, just rode for 5min warm up, then did 30min of foamrolling.

Tue - 40min of running circuits 5.8km
Wed - 45min of running circuits 8km - avg Hr was pretty good today for this session, recovery has happened. I also ate more Carbs during the day than normal, actually a lot more.

Thurs - Off
Fri - 8.7km of running circuits - 50min
Avg HR of 140
Went well - felt good. I think the extra Carbs are doing their job nicely.
Sadly, it was raining on us - will this rain ever end for awhile…

Was supposed to race a Half Marathon this weekend - but was broke due to easter (still recovering financially)
So, maybe i’ll plot out a course and run my own?

Saturday - Spent 6hrs pulling down an old Cubby house, falling 3 Palm trees and 1 big busy tree.
Not a day to go off and rip out a harder workout - so,
6km in 32min 20sec
Avg HR - 120 - this gives me a RATIO of 1.54 Meters per Beat

Sunday - Spent 5hrs chopping up, and sorting through the rubble left behind from Saturday…
Even had a 1hr nap afterwards
So, another Recovery session - this time with my group that i train on the weekends (so includes some exercises)
2.3km warm up
5km Circuit - 39min
Avg HR 115 (after every 10min had a 3min stand around and stretch)
Avg HR during the circuits was still only 120

Monday - 10yrs sleep (unheard of for the last 10yrs - kids…)
Ended up having the day off - pretty relaxing day

There is ONE race in particular i want to do really well in this year. It’s a 3km road run, after 1.5km there is a big hill - so it wont be blindly fast. Last year i ran 9min 9sec. It would be good to be around 30sec quicker this year!
There is 15weeks till this race. (including this week)
I’ll need 12wks of La+ work including race prep and taper.
So - I’ll need to shorten my extended Base till 2wks time. (all i have done nearly all yr so far is Aerobic work)

1 week each of May and June = 2wks of Hill work + keep up the volume - It’s like base volume wise, but with included hills

June = 2 wks of 10km pace work - then 1 wks of 5km pace work

July = 1 wk of 5km pace work - 2 wks of 3km work - then 1wks of 1km work

Aug = 1 wk of 1km work - 1 wk of Time trails - 1wk taper - Race 3km

Last week (it’s hard getting on the Computer - mobile devices i use the most don’t like this site much?)
Tue - 7km of circuits
39min - avg HR 132

Wed - 8km of circuits
44min - avg HR of 141

Thur - off
Fri - off

Sat and Sun - no running, but did some cycling (am now so bored of running… - i can’t do any more base work, bla)
Sat - 18km - 7min warm up, avg HR 92 (stupidly low) 17:30 workout, avg hr 141. 7min cool down, avg HR 120

Sun - 19km - 36min, avg HR 133, Max HR 153
Cycling is soo much harder to get a solid workout in. IF you stop trying, the heart rate drops way down. If your’re going hard, the heart rate still does’t want to go up…

By monday - after a week of easy sessions and some bike rides, and changing focus on the training (bringing HiLL training forward 2 weeks and going to do 4solid weeks of hills, instead of two, I’m now ready to run, and get right back into it. (though i think i’ll make good use of the bike, esp for recovery sessions)

Monday - 9km
36min - avg hr 150, Max HR 163 (going up a big hill towards the turn around)

Tue - 7.8km of HILLS
HR avg, 136 - HR max 171
Done a circuit of 3 hills, 500m long and with a faster effort of around 100m on the flat once back down.
Two the up Hills included doing the first 1/4 of the Hill in a A-skip fashion, but sort of Bounding during the Skip.
The Third hill was a straight run (was hurting massively by the end of the top of the hill)


  • Solid warm up, then 10 x 200’s tempo in joggers. between 35-36sec each, on a 1min 30sec cycle.
    Total 5kmTime,
    29 min
    avg hr 129 Max hr 153 (which is pretty low)

Easy tempo
Total 6.6km (including warm up/down)
time - 35.30 min
avg HR 136
Max HR 155

FriA.M. - Hills
Total 7.31km
time - 43min
Avg HR - 136
Max HR - 169

Midday - Weights
(started last week, two times a week - on hills days)

P.M. - Tempo - Large circuit
Total 4.27kmTime - 30min
Avg HR - 118
Max HR - 153

Total - 16.89km
Time - 33;34min
Avg HR - 142Max
HR - 158

Total - 24.83km
Time - 53.28min
Avg HR - 129
Max HR - 171

Weekly totals
Run - 3.62hrs - 40.02km
Bike - 2.18hrs - 60.72km
total - 5hrs 4min
Using cycling as a means of slight cross training (only on weekends) - keeps the pressure off the legs, keeps things motivating and allows for continued training (9 days in a row now!)

6km run (pretty easy) Time - 26minAvg HR - 143Max HR - 157
Hills Time - 71min
Dist - 12.8km
4 x long hills - 550m each hill. Heart rate monitor kept turning off (auto off when i stopped, but didnt re-start)
Highest HR i seen was still only 171 (i got 3 of the 4 hill runs on display)
Felt extremely La+ in the last 1/4 - 1/3rd of the hills - takes 2min for fastest, next was 2:05 and i missed the timing on the next two ( i would imagine slower…)

Wed - easy day. Tempo - 30minJust under 5km all up including warm up/down

ThursOff - Very tight hip flexors / foamrolled. Feeling very tired, still recovering from the Hills on Tue

Fri Hills3km warm upSame hills as Tue (550m) - Previous best hill was 2min flat1 - 1:54 2 - 1.523 - 1:45 (it was a race to the top, if it was fast enough, we would just do the 3 hills, if not, we would do another 4th hill - We ran fast enough :slight_smile: 3km warm downTotal time 65 minDistance - just under 12km

Sat - Off (wanted to train, but family stuff was on)

Sun - 8km in 37min - Avg HR 138

Mon - No running, but lots of foamrolling. Maybe a solid 1 x hr.

Tue - Hills54.5min totalDistance 9.2km3 x long hillsTimes

  • 1min 50 (avg hr 152, Max HR 166, Max speed 21.6km/hr)
  • 1min 48 (avg hr 157, Max HR 170, Max speed 22.1km/hr)
  • 1min 47 (avg hr 153, Max HR 167, Max speed 20.7km/hr) Had longer rest before, and avg speed was faster, peak was lower.