Lucerne 100m: Nesta Carter 9.86 +1.0m/s

That is a tremendous time, with Dix PB, J Mee PB behind him.

The Jamaican relay potential is stunning if the top 4 are healthy and fit next year.

I saw this race on tv…didnt look as fast as the finishing time would indicate…

Any other results of the meeting?

I don’t mean to be Debbie Downer but those times seems quite fast…hmmmm :confused:…J-Mee has been no where near 10 flat and Nesta hasn’t run better than 10.08.

As you have Jason have indicated, something seems weird here. What possible causes are you thinking of?

-Incorrect Track Length
-Broken Timing System
-Broken Wind Gauge

Anything else?

Nothing really :)…just some significant improvements out of no where. By the looks of things there were some other fast times W100, W400H etc. :o

In that race Samuels ran his pr finally breaking his high school best from five years ago. Something does seem to be off.

Nesta ran 9.98 twice (1.0 & .2w) in '08, 9.91 (2.0w) to finish last season and 10.24 (-5.0) in April this year.

I saw the meeting live on Eurosport…fast times, but not superfast alldaylong…Kerron sSyewart got 4th or 5th in 11"32…marshavet Myers Pb 10"99…fast 100h too, but slow 400…200 won by Spearmon in 20"19 ( 10"24 on 100m b race).
Jmee also run 10"13 ina heat, under 23 100m race before the final.
The track is very fast ( 9"92 old track record, Tim Harden), and Luzern is 450m above sea level.

Having watched the race again…without any discredit that was no 9.86 run…especially when I gauge it against Tyson 9.8x the other night in Stockholm with Bolt and him going all out.

Interesting. I wonder if we’ll get good video and PJ can have a look at the time.

Didn’t Carter switch from MVP to Racers recently?

No he’s MVP.

WOW now I have heard it all…‘that was no 9.86s’ run. Please…how about kudos to the guys for putting it together on a known fast track.

I dont feel so bad for running so slow at my last meet. Walter dix was there and ran 10.28 with a -1.8m/s headwind in the cold.

The man must have been in incredible shape after running 19.7, I figured he improved his shape since then too.

Do you really think Dix was trying for some lame meet in Canada in the cold - think about it…??

Anyone have any good quality video of this race? I’m happy for all three of these guys, that’s awesome news for them.

No video I can find yet, but Carter looks to have put on some muscle to my eyes.

Suspect, these guys always look soft and puffy in another 4 weeks look all dense.

lol… Yea and that dude JMee, I saw VEINS coming out his shoulders on one of the videos you posted.

I got the race at home on dvd…gonna see if i can upload it…