Long Travel before competition

I have a masters athlete leaving Australia in a few weeks to compete in the world masters championships in Helsinki.

they leave Australia on 24 July and fly for 22 hours, have a stop over for 4 hours and then fly for another 4 hours, arriving in Helsinki at 2pm on the 25th.

Their first event is a 100m heat on the 30th.

Have people any advice on the best strategies to overcome the flight. Are there any links that have discussed this already.



Two things that I have found to help me when travelling are make sure to stay well hydrated throughout, and also compression socks. My legs just always feel significantly fresher after travelling if Ive worn my compression socks.

Travelling from Oz to finland though, I would have thought the biggest problem would be the jet lag, now I haven’t tried it, but I saw an interesting piece on a tv programme on a new way to avoid jet lag. It worked on the premise that the brain helps judge the time of day by when you eat. So they had the guy not eat for the entire journey then begin eating normal meals for his destinations timezone once he arrived.

Difficult, and maybe counter-productive for a total travel time of 30 hours, but it was interesting and maybe worth looking in to.

Can anyone confirm the idea of being loaded on creatine before a long flight helps overcome the dehydration factors?

Sleep in changing timezones sounds like the biggest killer! Maybe a sedative on the longer legs of the flight.

I would think that, as creatine is a cell volumiser, that it would increase the chances of dehydration and cramping over a long sedentary journey. Thoughts?

Flying from Africa to Europe loaded on creatine doesn’t prevent any cramps in my experience…