Linear periodization vs. Non-linear periodization in strength training

Here are a couple of rudimentary illustrations of how the training load may be divided within a single block of either CCS/Block loading or Conjugate/complex/concurrent

The CSS block clearly indicates a concentration of the training load volume dedicated to one task. While the Conjugate block clearly indicates an equal division of the training load volume between all tasks

(I just got powerpoint and this is about as proficient as I can be at the moment)

yes,we really agree: the discussion can quickly become philosophical. :slight_smile:

About the loss on speed-strength.If am refering to the EARLT.Doing a bloc of maxstrength/explosive strength (example about volleyball in his book) will lead to worse speed strength(for some weeks).I see in the blocks,something like “shock microcycles”.That wouldn’t happen in CFTS,where everything looks “smoother”.

Finally…looking the same subject from different point of view i really can appreciate many similarities/differences beetween CFTS ,CSS & complex…

yes,i was just now reading the previous post about the topic.Great post.Everything i would say is written there.