KitKat1 Wins First Prize - Thank-you from ... thx-u ac,jpf

KitKat has yet to be told…
In fact I just discoverd this today.
I am sending KitKat as well as his choice of 1 deserving friend, family member or maybe it’s a person that needs some training insights…( no offence to that person)… but it will be KitKat’s choice who he picks.
The entire store inventory valued at over $ 650.00 Canadian Dollars ( might be USDA but the Yanks won’t let our dollar beat theirs for too long …) .
What did or has KitKat1 done to deserve this prize?
Well for years he has supported my family indirectly.
For years he has received not one penny from me or this site.
He has contributed routinely and supported many members along the way.
I can say thank-you to him but what I really want it to pass the word about something I learned about 23 years ago, =
Great training information and wisdom on how to be a great athlete is tough to come by.
17 months ago to this day I lost a great friend. I am routinely told this via emails from interesting people all over the globe they miss him too.
But at hand today, December 12th 2011 I realized KitKat is fast approaching posting more posts than Charlie. I don’t mean to diss you Mr. KitKat1 but you did have 17months to catch up… ok maybe 17 months and a few days or weeks…? We won’t argue with these details. And I might wait to award this prize as he has not passed Charlie yet… ( maybe he needs some speed training… or maybe more coffee… oh that might be performance enhancing… I digress,… let us get to the point, =
March 27th 2011 was the last post from Charlie. 10,477 posts from Jan 17th, 2003
December 12, 2011 ( today) KitKat1 posted his latest entry ( start date March 17th 2003) 10,461.
Congrats KitKat1.
This site is nothing without it’s amazing members.
Warmest regards,

Many thanks to KK for his posts and all the help he has offered to members of this forum (and not only, of course)! Thank you, KitKat!

Agree. He has provided more information than I can digest. Thanks

If you are every in Hobart, happy to take you out for dinner (or even cook dinner for you)

good sentiments from all, if anyone should have this mantle then i cant think of anyone who has contributed to this board more over the years and assisted athletes/coaches in understanding things further


invaluable input over many years. Can’t wait for his book :wink: (hint, hint)

Well done KK - would be great to have a collaboration of DVD’s, books and seminars from somebody such as yourself - about the rigors of 400m training.

Thanks so much Ange and All. I’m super stoked about this. It’s a complete surprise. Nicest thing I’ve ever received (maybe apart from my first car from my late great Dad a long long time ago when I was a teenager). No, I actually don’t have all of the products and I’m really looking forward to absorbing it. This is a gift that truly keeps on keeping on. I remember travelling to Zurich quite a few years and catching up with Charlie for dinner and/or coffee. He would answer my coaching-related questions for which I always shouted the bill. I’m pretty sure he would have allowed me to play Q&A anyway but self-employed track coaches - even those with Olympic medallists in the squad - aren’t exactly flush and neither was Charlie in those days. I’m talking 1985 onwards. But to the point: Charlie was always gracious and trusting enough to permit me to tape record our entire conversation on various cassettes. And I found that even a year or two later, after many, many replays, l still learned something new by listening to Charlie. As those who knew him will testify, he was no one’s fool and he didn’t easily tolerate fools (but made an exception for me). So he told everything the way it is in his own form of coach-speak and if you didn’t understand - or even if you thought you did - you’d have to play the tape back time and time again. Sometimes it took me to grow as a coach through experience and further reading and discussion at the feet of a master (none anywhere near as great as Charlie) before you could understand what he told you years earlier. It was sometimes like a flash light in the face. Geez I miss him, he was a kind of genius. Thankfully Charlie and Ange conspired to educate the world and lift the veil from the eyes of young coaches and athletes who had been fed on bullshit for generations.

Now one more thing…especially for those who never got to know the great man and who these days have the luxury of eavesdropping into his forum - this forum - without even becoming a member: It is time to become a member, time to contribute, time to take the simple step of signing on.

Every day I see 80 or so folks trawling the forum sub sections and rarely more than a handful of you are members.

If you feel you have learned anything from the discussions on this board, then it behoves you to sign on and add your own thoughts, post your own findings even if they are published elsewhere in newspapers (online) in your own country or on other coaching boards of record. C’mon you “visitors” it’s time to step up and be counted.


Well deserved for KK!

Regarding your post count, how many were in the grueling lactate producing, lactate threshold thread? :slight_smile:

That thread has helped my coaching knowledge a great deal. I appreciate you opening up and sharing your experiences and being an open book, just as Charlie was with us on here.

All the Best!

KK you are always the one posting no matter what time of the year it is. thanks for keeping the site alive and thanks for ange for keeping the site open. a credit to you both!