keys to precise route...

You have a total of 9 posts on this site and now 2 of them are directly insulting to members here. Congrats. And you’re telling me to relax? I guess you can consider yourself lucky that rep power bottoms out at ‘0’. Relax, right… It’s a lonely world when you can’t communicate freely or laugh at yourself every once in a while. Relax… right. I don’t even understand what this is accomplishing at this point. I didn’t even choose sides, I just said that I didn’t think your criticism was fair. I thought both posts were insightful and could help. I’m bored with internet e-gos.

Despite the unneccessary (sp?) rips and digs … I got a lot out of this thread, im hoping to move to TE next season. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

I apologize if it seems like I ripped anyone, i just get sick of seeing threads get hijacked for what seems like a small problem except for the fact that someone thinks that everyone is against them. I’ve given everyone props for their insights on this thread, especially dfabri1 even though he thinks all i’m capable of is playing catch with frit17.

I wasnt referring to you or frit.

Generally this forum is the best cause everyone is here to help each other and respects what the other has to say. I can spend hours reading the knowledge here, its awesome.

i just wanna get to the league guys…so if it takes great routes…or just getting open…i dont really care…i jus wanna do watever it takes to get to the league…