Jon Baldwin - Don't Mess With Vets

News: 610 AM in Kansas City reports Chiefs WR Jonathan Baldwin injured his wrist during a locker room fight with RB Thomas Jones and is likely to miss the rest of the preseason.

Kansas City’s top draft pick, WR Jonathan Baldwin, injured his hand/wrist in a fight with a Chiefs teammate this week and is unlikely to play in Friday night’s preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

Baldwin had discipline issues during his college days at Pittsburgh. He was labeled as a diva with a bad attitude heading into April’s draft, but the Chiefs’ deep need at receiver enticed them to select Baldwin with the 26th pick in the first round.

The rookie has met with doctors regarding the severity of his injury. It is not expected to sideline Baldwin into the regular season, but the lost time and this incident does not bode well for him becoming a factor during the first half of the season.

Fighting before a game…

Of all the people to pick a fight with, Thomas Jones? What was he thinking! Dude is JACKED!

I spoke to JB.

Par for the course, the story in print is inaccurate and all the press and whoever else can rant all they want about this, that, and the other. As for what was ‘printed’ about him while at PITT, most of that is also bullshit- I WAS THERE.

Bet on JB, he’s going to tear it up.

Kansas City Chiefs coach Todd Haley did not deny that there was a fight this week between first-round draft pick Jonathan Baldwin and veteran RB Thomas Jones, but did not directly address the issue, either, in his remarks following a preseason loss at Baltimore.

Haley would not discuss the nature of the injury to the rookie receiver despite several direct questions about the incident, which sources said resulted in Baldwin suffering a hand/wrist injury that could keep him out of the remainder of the preseason.

“Jonathan Baldwin did not play tonight due to injury,” Haley said. “As I say in here a bunch, that’s the extent of what I’m going to talk about it …

“As with many things with our team that I come back to, we fall into injuries being in the family business category.”

Haley also declined to divulge any timetable for Baldwin’s return.

“I’m gonna leave it at talking about the guys who were out there tonight,” Haley said.

Jones politely declined to address the altercation with Baldwin, although he did not deny an incident took place.

“If its not a football question, I’m really not interested in answering it,” Jones said.

He didn’t have a fight with TJ?

He does have the reach advantage…

WR’s are knuckle heads.


Sounds like its been a long few weeks of camp…