Jets Strength Coach

a big chunk. That is just plain dumb. Lucky he didn’t hurt someone. Jets are the modern day Raiders. Ryan is running a pretty loose ship over there.

Hhhmmmm what’s his name on here?

In some ways it looked like he was just bracing himself in case the guy hit him. He may not have seen it coming until the last second. At least that’s the benefit of the doubt reasoning.

The Jets let it roll don’t they!
Rex would be a good college recruiter.

Sal you should have tripped crowder, he’s a pure dumbass and you would have been doing the world a favor.

Hopefull Sal can make peace with this incident and move on to more positive things. Nobody is excusing his actions, but at least he came clean and I’m sure he is doing everything in his power to make things right. Everyone is under the microscope at that level.

It can get intense on the sidelines esp if your in a tough matchup. I seen staff members on different teams push players when they are running out bounds anything for that extra advantage.

Anytime I have been on the sidelines I know I keep my ass out of the way.

Rb34, your right. I’ve seen that myself. As for Sal, I know they are meeting with him as we speak so Im guessing a fine or possible suspension

Would you be surprise if he got fired?

Lets all hope for the best and for him to move forward from this like Number Two said. Sal is one of the very best at that level and we all should be looking for the best for him in this situation. We should wish one of our “own”–someone who does a great job in this profession all the best. Two weeks from now when another NFL player gets in a gun fight at a club this will all be water under the bridge.

Honestly not really. You know as well as I do that nfl strength coaches catch alot of flack for things that happen if or if not there fault. BUT, Im sure Rex Ryan will stick up for him

I had a tight end go to camp with him and he said He really liked his workouts. He brought them back with him for the offseason an your right my man, there was nothing crazy on there at all. It was simple but yet effective

I gotta teach him how to “Dougie”… :wink:

is pretty heavy on the pocket book. Seems like a good sincere guy. Goodell is turning the NFL into a convent. Dumb move, but wasn’t that serious. Stallworth killed a guy in he is back playing. Go figure.

Exactly! Come to find out I ran with Stallworths cousin on the a olympic development travel squad. He told me how it went down (Dante’s story). Yeah Goodell is cleaning up the league but its starting to get ridiculous. I agree that is a hefty fine.

I exchanged a few emails with Sal like 5 years ago… I he loves CF style training and if he could train like that he would. Sometimes you have to do as you are told in the NFL…

Craziest thing I have ever seen is Woody hayes slugging that Clemson LB after the pick. Goodell would have banned the old man for life. Thats why I love college ball. NFL is the no fun league.

I know exactly what your talking about 1st hand. When I went in for my nfl interview I knew 1 of the strength and conditioning coaches, so I stuck around for a few minutes, needless to say It was what the head coach wanted or else.

with the latest findings about the wall he wanted setup. Rex Ryan is going to have to fire him and he is likely done ever coaching in the NFL. He seemed like a really good guy, it’s unfortunate.

What wall?

Got it