Jana Drama clever commentary

AA was tooooo worried that they might have had a medal contender. If she left then the medal haul would be less therefore less funding. Easy to target current prospects than actually look to future development areas.
Giddy up Aths Aust, jump on current performers/event areas. Forget the development curve. I bet they havent looked past 2012. Never know, they could have the same drop out as 2000.
Maybe they should look at their O Youth festival and see what numbers actual continue or develop in to good senior athletes. Isnt that what they are meant to be doing? Or is that too much common sense.

Come on Jana has just been out of the media to long…from what I have seen she is like the stock market going along smooth then bang a shock news story causes a market reaction. Everyone jumps up and down we all make irrational decisions…sell sell sell…buy buy buy. Companies see an opportunity when the markets go up and inevitably a bunch of suckers pay well over the market price for a company that crashes a few months later and so to the Jana story with the CWG approaching a shockwave is sent through the market…media frenzy errupts will she selll out, will they buy her…you gotta love it. At least this way I won’t lose any money I just get to sit on the side line and watch the action :slight_smile: and why wouldn’t I her current PE ratio is rating 40x way overpriced…would you buy a company that hasn’t made a sale in 3years. I am all for teh specualtive mining shares but heck we have the Chinese to buy from us. wait a minute no the Chinese are not in the CWG…nearly got my hopes up there.

Why not a transfer fee

well lucky i didn’t buy in…Jana out of the CWG!

JANA Rawlinson has decided not to compete at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi in October - leaving the door open for her to represent another country.

“I am not competing at the Commonwealth Games,” Rawlinson said from her home of Loughborough, England.

Rawlinson last month underwent a minor operation in Holland on a tender achilles tendon and the most recent setback, she says, has ended her Delhi ambitions.

She said the surgeon told her not to run for six weeks.

“I could probably push it and come third or fourth but, as the reigning champion, I don’t see the point of that and I don’t want to sacrifice my long-term health,” she said.

“I’m disappointed because it’s another year of injury but I want to get to London [to run in the Olympic Games].”

Although Rawlinson this week denied she would change countries or compete for Britain at the 2012 Olympics, by missing these Commonwealth Games she will have fulfilled a significant part of the process of being able to switch countries because it will have been three years since she represented Australia.

IAAF rules state that for any athlete to change allegiance they must stand down from international competition for three years and must be a citizen of the new nation they wish to represent.

“I’m an Australian and I’m going to stay Australian,” Rawlinson said after an international athletics official revealed she had raised the possibility of switching allegiance in an email to London Olympic boss Sebastian Coe.

But Rawlinson did admit she was envious of the funding British athletes receive ahead of their home Olympics.

The 27-year-old last competed for Australia when she won the 400m hurdles at the 2007 world championships.

It was her second world title.

She has also won the hurdles at the past two Commonwealth Games.

Rawlinson, who revealed she had lost all her sponsors except for adidas during her absence from the track, has not posted a time this year.

The qualifying period deadline for Delhi is August 16.

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chippendale Posted at 12:23 AM July 01, 2010
Once again, I’m not sure why the daily telegraph writes about a nobody. Please cut AJ, Jana Rawlinson and also while you are at it add Ada Nicodemou to the list :slight_smile:
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Alan Jansen of Bellevue Hill Posted at 2:44 AM July 01, 2010
Absolutely yawn inspiring. She’s won what?
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“Roos” Rule Posted at 3:29 AM July 01, 2010
I say let her go with our best wishes but make her pay back the money she’s received for the last three years, doing nothing, with the big fat paycheck she’s supposedly going to get from British Athletics. Good luck to the poms dealing with with “Drama” (Pittman)Rawlinson and good luck to her when the British press have a field day with what will probably be another massive under-performance when the London Olympics are over. Does she need a ride to the airport, I’ve got room in there for that other prominent athletics drama queen as well if she wants to go as too and we all know who that is don’t we?
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Richard of Penrith Posted at 3:41 AM July 01, 2010
Who cares? Go away.
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Hamster of Expat Saudi Arabia Posted at 4:13 AM July 01, 2010
Stop with the Drama Jana publicity…SO WHAT!!! She is a has been on all accounts!!!
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janajana of Sydney Posted at 5:04 AM July 01, 2010
She just needed media cuddle-a headline, letting us know she is still arround.
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Anna of sydney Posted at 5:10 AM July 01, 2010
who cares jana?
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Hurdle-istic of Australia Posted at 5:32 AM July 01, 2010
I do not know why this woman gets any airtime…drama after drama and really no one cares!
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Troy H of Long Jetty Posted at 5:44 AM July 01, 2010
if she leaves she should be made to pay the money that australian sport has invested in her. whinger.
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tariq of sydney Posted at 5:46 AM July 01, 2010
Australia is crazy if they let jana go. With her sponsors nearly all gone, the government should pay her whatever incentives she needs to get better and win in 2012. Shes a good investment.
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Leigh Thomas of Tweed Heads Posted at 5:47 AM July 01, 2010
Its time the drama queen was droped from the elete sports program and actualy had to work for a living instead of giveing excuses as to why she cannot perform. She lives in England and if they want to have her to represent them then I dont think that Australia would object in fact we might have a wip around to help pay for the relief.
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Macka Posted at 5:49 AM July 01, 2010
Broke a nail did we Jana, go away!!!
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Bill from Balgowlah Posted at 5:56 AM July 01, 2010
The Harry Kewell of Australian athletics does it again. Snore…
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swansgirl Posted at 6:07 AM July 01, 2010
Jana : you are a disgrace. Get a job instead of whingeing for government support. swansgirl
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Scott of The Happy Place Posted at 6:09 AM July 01, 2010
What is fascination with this nobody? Does anyone really care? Enough said about this no talent, has been, celebrity wannabe.
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TheSpin of Cronulla Posted at 6:12 AM July 01, 2010
Who else is sick of this prima dona …me for one…i wish she would go she hahs never performeed on the big stage and yet constantly acts like shes better than everyone…BYE BYE and good riddance…
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sharon of tamworth Posted at 6:22 AM July 01, 2010
this is a disgrace you should not be aloud to do this unless you move full time to that country
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King Arthur of Sydney Posted at 6:25 AM July 01, 2010
The woman is a nutbag, full of excuses and would make a great POM.
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Clark Kent of Northwest Slopes & Plains Posted at 6:37 AM July 01, 2010
This women is and has been a ‘genetically warpped fruit-cake’ since thinking she was 'celebrity’at the expense of pure athletics! It is a shame that tax payers have kept her in a lifestyle she has gown into at our expense. Please Jana, pick someone else’s flag and country and don’t look back - back here women you are a pure dip-stick!
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Posted at 6:39 AM July 01, 2010
Good, now can we put this issue behind us and you the media cover something more worthwhile - get the message!!!
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Bob of Brisbane Posted at 6:39 AM July 01, 2010 What is all the fuss about. She is just an overated prima donna living off Australian taxpayers.
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Dazza of Sydney Posted at 6:41 AM July 01, 2010
You ya Jana, you hack! Pmmy land will ove your drama, right up there with Coronation Street
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LM Posted at 6:42 AM July 01, 2010
Yawn!!! More Jana drama!!!
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I AM WATCHING YOU MOB of Sydney Posted at 6:45 AM July 01, 2010
Do they still punish for treason. Traitor.
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Ron of Sunshine Coast Posted at 6:49 AM July 01, 2010
NOT ANOTHER JANA DRAMA STORY put a block on story’s abot her
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Posted at 7:06 AM July 01, 2010
I am so over this person. Everything about her is negative. No happy stories just more and more moaning and groaning. Her only positive is she runs fast. So what. What other thing does she do which deserves praise…get a life and learn how to earn a buck by working…
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coops of Brisbane Posted at 7:08 AM July 01, 2010
“I’m an Australian and I’m going to stay Australian,” Rawlinson said …yeah right, given enough folding stuff anyone would change. Wait for some cock n bull story to surface about how she had to change for family reasons etc.
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Big C Posted at 7:17 AM July 01, 2010
What a surprise that is. There is now no need for us to hear from her again in the media, but we probably will. Again, who cares about this no talent prima donna
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Linda Grace Posted at 7:20 AM July 01, 2010
Oh England please please take this over dramatic tragic woman away from us. I am so happy to never see another picture or article about this woman.
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Paul of Helensburgh Posted at 7:31 AM July 01, 2010
Aah good, it looks as though at least one of Australia’s problems is about to be solved.
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Garts of central west Posted at 7:31 AM July 01, 2010
Who cares?
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The Captain of Munmorah NSW Posted at 7:32 AM July 01, 2010
Who cares? The country nor the Commonwealth games team need Drama Queens like Rawlinson just before the games.
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Bermi John of Bermagui Posted at 7:40 AM July 01, 2010
Hmmm is it just me or is everyone thinking yeap just go, England can have you, you whinge like a POM anyway…
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Jo of Sydney Posted at 7:40 AM July 01, 2010
More drama, really? Put it into perspective - she jumps over things. Stick a jockey on her back and put her in a steeple chase…
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Dave of Sydney Posted at 7:54 AM July 01, 2010
Who cares who she runs for? This is a free country and she can choose to do whatever she wants.It’s only being brought up to generate controversy,but it’s only an issue amongst narrow-minded flag wavers and one-eyed nationalists.Noone else batters an eyelid.
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It was her second world title. ---- I count 3

World Juniors - flat 400m & 400m hurdles
World open champs 2007 - 400m hurdles .

She won the world 400m hurdles title in 2003 and 2007.

I forgot 2003. Makes it 4 world titles all up counting the juniors.

Bit harsh some of those comments from people straight after her news article…as its been pointed out she is a two time senior wc, two time junior wc, and two time cwg champ??? thats an incredible record. But unfortunately these thinks are forgotten by the general public due to the drama that tends to follow her. Interesting that some of these people probbaly turn around and are fans of a so called boxer in Australia who believes he is a 3 time world champion…mmm. Public perception. In a way its a shame that her drama has covered her remarkable achievements on the track.

Just the aussie tradition of taking the Micky out of each other, sometimes it gets a bit too personal.

You gotta admit though all the top Aussie athletes do and say some silly things.

I was one who talked her out of retiring as a LA’s U15, she wanted to win gold at the Olympics, she never had an idol back then or a pet event.

She just dared to be different. I dared her to get a Bumble Bee tattoo. Bio mechanically it can’t fly she told me.

Pluto is not a planet.

Jana was never going to retire at 15,16,17,18,19 or when she was going to become a nun at 21. I think both Jackie Byrnes and Craig Hilliard went through around half a dozen retirements each - mostly which involved Jana taking a few days off and gorging herself on Cadbury’s. It was just one of those things she carried on about on a regular basis to get attention. Just like telling every one how scared she was because she had to run a 400 and didn’t know how to and could they tell her how to - even though she was the WJ champion in the event. Same with the bumble bee - who said she shouldn’t be able to run fast because of her build?

I’ve defended Jana to the hilt over the years, one on one, she is a lovely woman, or at least was when i knew her well, but she carries on with BS the moment she thinks she has an audience - and the level of BS is directly proportional to the size of the perceived audience.

Some of your posts are very bizarre, I don’t know what galaxy you are in.

You didn’t mention Wayne, did you know her then?

I said I was one of, I did not say the the only one.

Hugs and kisses.

only if they let you out of your straight jacket.

Mathew Beauvang you may remember him. WJG.

It’s not a jacket it’s a Drysabone Pluto.

I think most Australians at this stage would be happy to pay any transfer fee UKA asked for

And I’d probably chip in, bit sad isn’t it.

I’m sorry. What are you saying about matt? I wouldn’t have seen him in nearly 10 years. What is he up to?

I first met him when he was 10, along with his dad Norm. Started at East Maitland LA’s. Jana came from Winston Hills LA’s, had a coach called Wayne, you know him.