Jana Drama clever commentary

She won the world 400m hurdles title in 2003 and 2007.

I forgot 2003. Makes it 4 world titles all up counting the juniors.

Bit harsh some of those comments from people straight after her news article…as its been pointed out she is a two time senior wc, two time junior wc, and two time cwg champ??? thats an incredible record. But unfortunately these thinks are forgotten by the general public due to the drama that tends to follow her. Interesting that some of these people probbaly turn around and are fans of a so called boxer in Australia who believes he is a 3 time world champion…mmm. Public perception. In a way its a shame that her drama has covered her remarkable achievements on the track.

Just the aussie tradition of taking the Micky out of each other, sometimes it gets a bit too personal.

You gotta admit though all the top Aussie athletes do and say some silly things.

I was one who talked her out of retiring as a LA’s U15, she wanted to win gold at the Olympics, she never had an idol back then or a pet event.

She just dared to be different. I dared her to get a Bumble Bee tattoo. Bio mechanically it can’t fly she told me.

Pluto is not a planet.

Jana was never going to retire at 15,16,17,18,19 or when she was going to become a nun at 21. I think both Jackie Byrnes and Craig Hilliard went through around half a dozen retirements each - mostly which involved Jana taking a few days off and gorging herself on Cadbury’s. It was just one of those things she carried on about on a regular basis to get attention. Just like telling every one how scared she was because she had to run a 400 and didn’t know how to and could they tell her how to - even though she was the WJ champion in the event. Same with the bumble bee - who said she shouldn’t be able to run fast because of her build?

I’ve defended Jana to the hilt over the years, one on one, she is a lovely woman, or at least was when i knew her well, but she carries on with BS the moment she thinks she has an audience - and the level of BS is directly proportional to the size of the perceived audience.

Some of your posts are very bizarre, I don’t know what galaxy you are in.

You didn’t mention Wayne, did you know her then?

I said I was one of, I did not say the the only one.

Hugs and kisses.

only if they let you out of your straight jacket.

Mathew Beauvang you may remember him. WJG.

It’s not a jacket it’s a Drysabone Pluto.

I think most Australians at this stage would be happy to pay any transfer fee UKA asked for

And I’d probably chip in, bit sad isn’t it.

I’m sorry. What are you saying about matt? I wouldn’t have seen him in nearly 10 years. What is he up to?

I first met him when he was 10, along with his dad Norm. Started at East Maitland LA’s. Jana came from Winston Hills LA’s, had a coach called Wayne, you know him.

I’m pretty sure I’ve met him a few times. But knew Jackie and Craig better. I still can’t figure out how Matt fits in to this conversation. You seem to be just saying names of former junior athletes randomly. Where were you hoping to go with this?

He is attempting to legitimise his own creditability through association with these former junior athletes, he obviously implies that he kept them in the sport or had some role with their development. But this had nothing to do with the conversation and he has randomly gone off on some crazy tangent.

I was going with the flow of the post when Sharmer decided to kick me in the teeth with his sneekers, something about another galaxy then straight jackets, the name was aimed at him, I could have easily just said Dubbo new year carnival.

Now you have the baseball bat, Matt was another one where there would have been a meeting to discuss his future, after that he didn’t amount to much, just followed the flow like most of our sprinters.

Still not sure what Mathew Beauvang has got to do with me??? I raced him once back in 1998.

Yes, sad is the correct term.

I heard a very good commentary when I was in Sydney recently by a Mike Hurst :slight_smile: on one of the news programs.
He summed it up very well, not quite with innuendo, but a very nice description of the circumstances Jana has found herself in.

Sad I guess sums it all up, for her especially.

I knew Matt pretty well through the period you mention, and he was a fairly troubled soul. The system didn’t do him wrong, it was circumstances beyond the track that ended that career. I also know Sharmer fairly well and cannot connect the two in any way … is this a case of mistaken identity?