New guy sounds like you couldnt wait to talk about race. For every one fast white guy how many fast blacks are there? DOes that not show you the disadvantage. :rolleyes:

I am whiter than white, and Lemaitre needs to break 10.00 before he can even think about breaking 9.90, nevermind any world records! If he gets to 9.95 this season he can be pleased.

Just ask the guys at caste football …

It was a racist comment. As for the “genetic disadvantage”, I’d consider the realities of participation…in America, at least, even the most gifted whites don’t participate in sprinting because of this suppossed inability to compete.

At my high school pretty much every black kid was strongly encouraged/virtually recruited to run the sprints. The white kids, on the other hand, no matter how perfectly suited for sprinting they appeared were either ignored or told to try shot put or decathlon (even if they had ridiculously low body fat percentage, great strenght to body weight ratio, high cut calves etc.). This happens all over the country. How many of the best white athletes that you know even tried sprinting?

I think he was just being a realist.

Gee, I don’t know professor why don’t you crunch the numbers for me. The fact is that pretty much every black person in the world has tried their hand at sprinting whereas few whites have so current demographics of elite sprinting don’t necessarily say much about genetic predisposition.

The fastest men I know are white and I know many blacks who have run track and were supposed to be “great athletes” so I’m skeptical.

Further, didn’t you try to disparage Casey Combest in another thread. Regardless of his personal issues, Combest was a genetic freak of nature for speed and the fact that you would discount his talent incriminates your own bias.

Casey Combest ran like 10.3. A far cry from 9.5.

Another realist.

But no worries, just cos white man can’t run, doesn’t mean the world will stop spinning.

Da fuck u talkin bout. Thats all you got is casey. Please take your white power movement and neg reps somewhere else and stop hi jacking threads with your non sense.

Do you need to drink a lot of water while on Jack3d? Is there a good phasing period? Like 4 weeks on, 4 weeks off? Thanks

You should be drinking a ton of water as an athlete any ways. I never tried jacked but most stuff like that makes me thirsty

I have supplemented similar stuff, it cramped me up to the extent I thought I was going to tear something. I threw it in the trash.

Also be careful that is doesn’t blow you up too much. That stuff carries water affecting bodyweight/power ratio.

stuff like this should be used for hard workouts and meets only. that way you dont have to worry about the water weight

i could use a good 10 pounds… as long as it isn’t fat. The first time I took creatine I gained 10 pounds in like 2 weeks

Have anyone took jack3d later in the evening 6-7pm? With my work schedule I have to train later in the evening/night but can’t afford not sleeping at night.

I have. It might keep you awake if you aren’t exhausted. I wouldn’t recommend taking it after 5pm. And I would recommend taking it 30 minutes before your workout begins.

Try it once and see what you think. I think it will keep you awake though.

btw, that stuff is great!

Do you think I could take it at 5pm and train at 7pm?

try it.

i did not like doing that though. it lost considerable effectiveness for me. Perhaps a placebo type effect though? Or I guess it would be “no-cebo”

Yeh, no different then taking it before a prelim race then waiting 2-3hrs before finals.