If a placebo generates a result, is it a placebo?

do you honestly believe that 2 drops of something that is pretty much NEVER deficient unless you live in a third world country had that quick an effect?

Hint: it didn’t. You just wanted it to.

my wife was told by a naturopath that she was iodine deficient. She started to supplement with Idone and soon her thyroid was showing suppresion. She is a very lean person and had normal TSH and T4 levels before supplementing and after, she had bllod work done and her levels were off. She stopped the iodine and her levels went back to normal. Here is a quick blurb.
“They found that over time – in a nation that mandates addition of iodine to salt – increased iodine intake was linked to decreased thyroid function. The findings appear in the June 29 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine.”

I posted this link in an old thread. It relates to non-thyroid benefits of iodine:

Interesting reading, but I am leery of reports of energy boosts, which is not the topic of the article.

When i was a kid my grandmother used to put a couple of drops of iodine in the chooks drinking water, if she was still alive i would ask her the purpose.

I should point out that the article I linked to is less important in and of itself than for its bibliography, which draws from a wide variety of sources. The journal it was published in has a somewhat controversial history, but the references are to many mainstream outside sources, and that’s where you should go if you really want to research the topic in depth.

Actually, I only found out about it from Charlie. He said he gave it along with B12 shots ( the B vitamins work synergistically with Iodine). What I use is the liquid solution in water.

From what I have been reading, even in developed countries people are deficient in iodine due to the fact that the process of the way food has been made has changed and the fact that chlorine and other chemicals have been added into the water systems. Although the teaspoon amount that your thyroid makes each year is a small amount it preforms a massif function throughout your entire body.

Conversely, in Japan, they eat food that rich in Iodine everyday and some correlate this with the reason as to why Japanese are most healthiest people in the world (that we know of).

Anyhow, so far my sleep has changed. I rest better and I sleep deeper. Of course, this could be a placebo effect like the other poster said but as an athlete I’m really in tune with my own body.

Edit: Everybody should have a bottle of iodine at their home anyway because if a nuclear plant has an “accident” you can take Iodine to protect your glands from radioactive fall out.

What brand did she use?

Yea, and my mom told me her mom use to put iodine on her cuts back in the 50’s. It has antiseptic purposes.

Research Nutrition I/KI Super Tabs. I really don’t think it is a matter of brand though. This little excerpt for NEJM kind of says it all. In this New England Journal study, researchers, led by Dr. Weiping Teng, of China Medical University in Shenyang, looked at the thyroid effects of giving supplemental to three separate groups: people who were mildly iodine-deficient, those with adequate iodine intake, and those with excessive iodine intake. They found that giving iodine to people who had adequate or excessive iodine intake could lead to hypothyroidism autoimmune thyroiditis.

Charlie was not referring to iodine, it was inosine. Completely different compound.

Yea, ideally it would be nice to find out how much you need before you decide to use it. I found a lab that charges 130 bucks if you wanted to go that route.

Fasting Required: No

Specimen: Urine

Special Instructions: Ship specimen within 48 hours of collection. Ship to lab Monday-Thursday only.

For 48 hours prior to and during the collection you should avoid taking iodine supplements and products that contain iodide, iodine. Never discontinue a prescription medication without consulting your doctor.

You must provide your own Provoking agent with this test.

Results: 4-6 business days

Description: Iodine/Iodide is an essential element that is pivotal to normal function of the thyroid gland and the health and integrity of breast tissue. Iodine/Iodide intake has decreased significantly over the past thirty years and consequentially clinical symptoms have become apparent. Iodine/Iodide sufficiency can be readily assessed by analysis of urinary iodide excretion.

I’m going to look that up flash when I get my other laptop working (that has been down for months) that has Speed Trap in it.

I could be wrong:o

what you are talking about. Charlie told me that many athletes used to dissolve inosine into B-12 and use the injected version of the vitamin. Supposed to give more energy. I think if you tinker around with some different things like CoQ10 and some other supplements that have shown empirical evidence to energize cells at the molecular level, you can find some benefit. My guess would be to talk to Lyle McDonald as he is likely the most learned on the subject of nutrition and benefits on this site.

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If inosine is in fact the real topic of interest, do a forum search. There was quite a lot of discussion several years ago on the topic. The main problem with most inosine supplements is that inosine oxidizes the moment it hits air. I believe the B-12 solution Charlie’s group used had the inosine pre-dissolved in it by the manufacturer. To the best of my recollection, it was not a home brew. I believe Charlie or someone else mentioned a quality inosine supplement from Japan that came in foil-sealed bubble strips, but it was pricey. The typical inosine supplements you find on the market with powder or tablets in a bottle are pretty much worthless because it’s oxidized long before you consume it.

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flash,how about intravenous inosine?

No idea. Sorry. Even if it was available, I doubt it would be worth the effort/cost. The money would better spent on something else.

it’s actualy very cheap here in eastern europe (the foil-sealed tablet version too)