In-Season Training Programs

What are you thoughts on in-season training programs for hockey players?

Would really love to hear what people have to say on this topic! I always find it difficult to strike a balance between maintaining strength without draining too much energy for the ice.

That’s an excellent point of consideration; most of the programs I send players back to find amazing ways to deteriorate performance throughout the year!

One saving grace for the athletes I train is that they are not in the collegiate leagues and I have them for 4 plus months.

We played 21 games in 41 days to finish our season this year(professional). We won 75% of those games and we actually worked very hard in the weight room throughout that time. We worked after games, we did core workouts the days before games and did mostly short, explosive leg work when we could fit them in.

I have always advocated lifting heavy in season. If you run a “maintenance” program" the players are destined to lose strength. I believe you have to work the players hard in order to maintain strength.

Remember, injuries, tweaks, travel and game schedules will dictate some of what you can get from players, but if you pay attention to the game schedule and program recovery into the schedule, you can work guys much harder than I ever thought you could.

Lifting after games is standard procedure in the NHL, and I certainly was guilty of not using that time to my advantage in the past. Any time where you have 2 nights rest before you play, that’s a day that you can get a heavy lift in. Lift legs as far away from game day as possible, or after games if there is no game the next day.

Here’s a great article from NumberTwo for basketball. Some things will be different for other sports, but the principles remain.

Damn never knew he had a site. Excellent

I’m still in the process of updating that site Herb. I don’t think I’ve really touched it for a couple of years. I’ll make sure to update all of the articles and resources.

Pretty cool site Number Two. Some high profile clients there. Getting in on that Hollywood crowd. Could be a rich man catering to those wealthy Hollywood types. Haha