High School 100m Training

this saturday i will be running the 200 in the baystates games (a summer meet for MA) then i am going to a four day camp up at the college im going to for track. after that im just training for tryouts in the fall, and i should be receiving the team workouts this week

wed july 6

weigh in -> 149

1000m circuit grass tempo

hurdle mobility drills
2’ abs circuit

-i always find that after some time off the ab circuit is much easier for me to complete

thurs july 7

80, 55, 40m 3pt r: 1’/10m

2x10 snatch@100
5x5 bench@170
3x3 each human flag
-2x6 squat@225
100 medball throws@15/16

fri july 8

500m grass tempo

-running the 200m tomorrow. goals are to not get psyched out and run the first 50 and 100 hard and to limit backside mechanics/dont overstride/keep stride rate up

Sat july 9


-big headwind and awful last like 125m. I could actually feel my hip height drop coming to the straight
-track camp for my college starts this week. Will be mostly technical stuff. By end of week I will start the teams program. So I won’t be formally recording my training anymore but I may start another thread for college to track my progress and to keep notes on certain training elements or races

Sun july 10

Weigh in -> 149


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