help- patellar tendonitis

Get your passport in order - you know you’re always welcome. Like I said earlier - good help is hard to find.

Plus, once you get used to the constant drizzle in the winter, Vancouver has got to be one of the most beautiful places to live. 18 holes of golf in the morning - snowboarding in the mountains half an hour later.

Plus the new facility ain’t too bad . . . indoor mondo sprint track . . . 5 OL platforms/racks . . .treatment area with 5 tables . . . :stuck_out_tongue:

It rains occasionally [ :slight_smile: ] in Ireland - I think I could manage the weather … (lucky I have my US passport)

Thanks twice for the precise advice, and sorry for being a thread hijacker and pain in the butt, but… I think that at the moment, my knee be not aggravated by snatching/squatting but by stretching (kneeling quad stretch), giving mild pain the day after. Does that suggest anything about my injury, and should I carry on stretching? Am I right assuming it’s scar tissue that needs stretching out?