Hannah Cunliffe makes front page Seattle Times, and video

For anyone interested:



Yikes @ 0:57.

I hope she doesn’t burn out.

Sorry, don’t know what the 0:57 is about?

The plyos–drop jump, box jump. Kind of scares everyone who looks at it, especially for a 15-year-old.

Im like everybody else. What the heck is a 15 year old sprinter doin depth jumps for?

Well after watching a few videos, I will say she is pretty amazing. I don’t have much to say other than she will go far if she can stay healthy.

I hope daddy knows what he’s doing- or more appropriately, what not to do.

Somebody needs to show Hannah’s Daddy the first few minutes of Charlie’s Edmonton Dvd. Charlie could have used that jumps section as a graphic of what NOT to do.

Yes - I agree. Healthy and strong adult athletes do not jump from heights that high. I’m not sure what the intent is in that exercise.

I remember footage from the Dubin Inquiry when Charlie was testifying. He was speaking about “depth” jumps. Charles Dubin asked him, “Death jumps…?” And Charlie laughed and corrected him. Funny how that clip made me remember that exchange from over 20 years ago.

I read the comments here before I watched the video but my mouth still fell open at 0.57 :eek:

Hannah is coached by her father - compare with the faster Jodie Williams. Despite being a decent club sprinter himself Mr W knew when to let go.

Hm…this was already discussed in another thread…hannah just turned 15 about 2 weeks ago or so…Jodie Williams turned 17 last September… which puts them 3 years apart competitively in USATF or AAU track.
Comparitively speaking, at the same age, Hannah Cunliffe (coincidently, Jody Williams has a sister also with the name of Hannah):

In 2007: Jodie willams best 100 meter dash: 12.01/11.85w best 200 meter dash: 24.77/24.57w

In 2010: Hannah Cuniliffe 100 meters: 11.71 (USATF Nat. prelim) 200 meter dash: 23.91 (USATF Nat. prelim)

Each year Hannah has made huge improvements, she has won Nationals 6 times and owns the Youth record in the 100 meters.

I understand Hannahs future is not known, but with your comparison, you might as well compare her to a 25 year old Olympic sprinter, as it makes about as much sense.
Please, tell me a faster 14 year old sprinter from last year?
I’d say things are just fine…He may be making a few mistakes on the way, but he has a huge support group that he draws from, I know of one very prestigious member of this site that can vouch for that!
What is he suppossed to do, she is just a young girl, a freshman in High School.
My daughter and I will enjoy watching Hannah run this season, and I will be cheering for both…I’m going with the positive thoughts!

My point is about the level of coaching input (elite versus father), not their absolute speed when comparing the age difference of 2 years and 4 months.
By the way JW will not be going to university until October 2012, you have gained a year in your calculations.

JW has actually improved in that 2 year age gap to be #1 in the world, which suggests the coaching regime is appropriate.

Does HC have the option of elite level support yet or is she too young ?

I hope all the best for her…but in my career I’ve never seen girls or boys not getting faster from 11 to 14!!Even not training…

I coach HS girls and I certainly do not have freshmen who look like Cunliffe, much less run like her. I was at her meet yesterday so I could see her “live.” She is extremely big and strong – body looks more like 20 than 15. She ran the 60 in 7.54 to finish 3rd behind the defending Pac-10 100 champion (7.35). Start wasn’t great but top-speed mechanics were.

I’m not a fan of the drop jumps she’s doing. I don’t even do drops like that with my adult athletes, and they’re jumpers (volleyball). I would highly recommend Charlie’s GPP video, and his Key Concepts Elite ebook. They’re worth your athlete’s career.

have an opinion and we are versed in this arena, none of us truly know if it will hurt or help her. It’s all speculative at this point. I agree that those drops are likely not worth the risk, it isn’t our athlete to train. I see people get unreal results with very unconventional and counterintuitive methods. Hannah may go on to be an Olympic champion or she may not get much further. None of us know for sure. I say celebrate an exceptional athlete who is performing at a very high level. I kind of feel bad for Rich because any time someone posts something on Hannah, it brings so many negative comments. Lets say it is what it is. She is the fastest kid in her age group and has been for some time. Let us try to be positive and enjoy her ride. I like watching her videos because she is a joy to watch run.

Forgot to add that if he is going to do depth jumps, do them in flats. Thats my only comment.

So we should wait until she gets hurt to say anything about the unsafe things she’s made to do?

hahahaha good oone :slight_smile: