Great Day

Gonna have the chance to host the number 1 player in the nation after his mom kicked out Alabama last week. Just got done hosting the number 1 Lb in the nation. Great DAaay!!

Bama didn’t want to pay what momma was asking. Considering the class we have coming in we are probably over the cap and Clowney would need to take a pay cut to come to Titletown.

What’s he going for $150,000 or more than that?

What do you mean?

He means what yall gonna give his momma to get him to your school. Stop acting naive. Cam Newton baby. lol

What do you mean?

Lost the LB to OSU.

you know how much did they paid?

I thought he went to Clemson.

Everyone has a different “number 1” I see where many say the MLB from OH who is going to Bama is the number 1 MLB…

I thought Curtis Grant went to osu.

I was thinking DePriest to Bama Steward to Clemson.

Obviously depends on team needs who the “number 1” is.

Clowney still hanging out there.

What is going on with Clowney? These guys are getting ridiculous. It used to be you just signed. Then it was press conferences. Then it became the 3 card monty hat crap. Then Pryor doing his crazy crap with OSU and Michigan. Now Clowney wants all the attention on him. Just stupid. He better live up to his billing. He is setting himself up to be walking with a giant bullseye. My kid signed with Florida, said nothing. Tried to avoid press and all. Found out he was Parade All American, but not by him. He was also Michigan Gatorade player of the year, Mom had to tell me. He is a great kid with an even better head on his shoulders. More of these kids should take note.

these kids are crazy. we have this bball prima donna on the local univ team who has nba talent, top 5 talent but just lazy and spoiled for so long. no work ethic but 6’10 and shoots like melo. you saw him fighting his teammate on espn earlier this year.

If Clowney will sign with Bama, Saban will let him reign. He will thrive and start day. Will get him ready for the league.

I just get sick of so me “it’s all about me” guys. It’s an honor to play college ball, not a divine right. These guys treat it like the University should roll out the red carpet. Clowney better succeed at a very high level or he is going to be considered a bust. The upper classmen are going to have fun beating the ego out of him. He is going to get introduced to some pain before they accept him just because of how he is handling his recruiting. Hasn’t played a down and hasn’t proved shit and I beleive he is in for some tough sledding.

Looks like he may have been too concerned with what stupid little announcement he was gonna make about where he is taking his talents.

"But the buzz surrounding Clowney’s decision could be undercut by his poor academic record. Two people with knowledge of his classroom performance while attending South Pointe High School in Rock Hill, S.C., have raised questions about whether Clowney will be able meet the N.C.A.A.’s minimum academic standard if he wants to play next season.

Troy Davis, the coach at Hargrave Military Academy in Chatham, Va., said he had reviewed Clowney’s transcript and described it as consistent with those of other prospects who had failed to meet the N.C.A.A.’s standards. In those cases, the prospects needed to enroll in postgraduate programs like the one at Hargrave. The standards are a formula using high school grades and standardized test scores."