Graduate Studies

I decided that it is finally time to pursue M.S./PhD programs, since I am reading books and research papers anyway, so it is better to do it under some program and get some letter behind my name and maybe some $$.

Anyway, what I am thinking is where to go? USA, CAN, AUS, EUR sound good to me as long as the program is good. I am looking for programs in motor control and learning (perception, decision making task design), physiology (pacing strategy, fatigue, HIIE) and biomechanics.

If I could chose I would pick up somewhere warm and dry, like California (San Diego sounds like a best place) or Arizona, although Australia (Golden Coast) and New Zealand looks interesting too. Again it depends, but if I can choose I would love to go to some nice place with a good program and nice ladies :slight_smile:

Being involved in a good athletic department is also a possibility, as a GA in strength and conditioning department, T&F, Volleyball etc.

Any suggestions and recommendations are highly appreciated.

Mladen Jovanovic

Have you looked at Springfield College in Mass? Not a big time sports program but it’s a good place for what you are looking to study…

I did check UMASS Amherst. Good program. Thanks for the tip, I will take a look