Glasgow: Pickering wins 100m

His 100m races this season so far :

10.43 -0.9, 10.37 1.1, 10.22 2.1, 10.42 0.0, 10.44 1.2, 10.44 0.0, 10.69 1.8, 10.21 2.7, 10.19 2.1, 10.25 2.8.

Another “Edmonton special”

Stay tuned…
June 2, 2007 - “Run Quick Open Invitational” - An annual event held at the Quicksilver Track; open to all collegiate, open and elite athletes.

Did it happen? Yes. Edmonton special? eh, maybe he didn’t realize he was supposed to run quick until the runquick invite.

Son of a! 10.02 -0.4 not -4.0. I will go bludgeon my source promptly. Does this mean Grimes is gonna pound Leonard Scott or is Grimes still suspended or are these results still lies?

That’s more like it.

Video of the 100m freestyle swim…

ah u wud think only 2 numbers to remember there should be no problem correctly giving accurate information, but no never happens.

always inaccurate/broken wind guages, inaccuruate/broken FAT, people unable to communicate correct times and readings to others, inclement conditions or shutting it down at end of races leading to speculation

sometimes i wonder if times even matter :confused:

MLF looks a bit hefty or is it just me?

Its not just you Mortac8.

(warning… bad taste joke ahead)

Probably 'cos it’s cheaper than spending all that money on chap-stick to stop her lips from cracking

hehehe (I crack me up)