Gender Test After a Gold-Medal Finish

Track and field officials confirmed that the 800-meter champion was undergoing sex-determination testing to confirm her eligibility to race as a woman.


when i watched that race the first thing I said was “that girl looks like a guy.”

There’s a Carl Lewis joke in here somewhere.

Yes - he’s the official in charge of the gender testing. He gets them to sing the American national anthem, and if they can’t hit the high note, they fail.

“And the rockets red flaaaaaaeoooroooree… oh, oh.”

didn’t we nail this down a year ago? I’m sure we called this first. Whoever finds the post gets annice gift.

i think you might be thinking about Jelimo?

Mortac8 about half way down the thread starts it off

then there is this thread

While Carl was known to cavort in red pumps, even he didn’t appear at IAAF functions wearing a dress- like Lamine Diack.

There was also another girl during the 400h heats that I would clasify as a man. She wasn’t even wearing tights. I will try to find a pic.