Gatlin with Seagrave in Fla.

Is this really Gatlin?

6.50 to 50m. great:cool: :rolleyes:

LMFAO!!! I ran 5.9 today and that was on sore legs.

maybe was 60…:slight_smile: lets hope so…other wise…run 12 .5 would be a miracle:)

There’s no way Gatlin would be running as slow as 6.50 50m if he’s in any reasonable shape whatsoever.

OK a 6.5 60 more than likely at practice hand time is also slow for a pro.

I suppose they could have somo photocells…6.50 ( with gun start or beep signal)…would be definitely fast…

eroszag–Very very few people in the US actually use electronic timing in practice on any sort of regular basis, if ever. HSI and Sprint Capital HT’d almost everything and I’m going to take a wild guess and say Gatlin is the same way.

6.5 in a 60, 55, or 50 is slow for a top sprinter.

Not necessarily, HSI guys were never world beaters at practice, even with hand times. Fogelson can elaborate, but I believe that Ato was running 6.6h in practice before some of his best races.

From His diary…I remember a 6 "16…offcourse not before a race…

6.6 was Torry Edwards…

He ran 6.7h like 4-5 days before he ran a 10.0. Mo ran slower HT (still 6.7h) and sub 10 (9.9).

Realize basically none of these camps are doing any electronic timing in training, hence why I have to laugh at this “photocell” stuff. These guys are doing HT from first movement, first foot contact, or second foot contact depending on which group you go to. Round up to the next tenth and add .25 at best for most of these times, round up and add .5-8 for some others.

Seagrave said something like he’s never had anybody run within 3% of their PR in practice, most people being 4-8% off their PB levels (competition PB that is) in training.

I have the printed ones in front of me…was early in the year. (DECEMBER 29).off course 4-5 days before he’d run an important race, would not go over 95% or less. ( or maybe 30+30)…before texas realys, 6"7, as you rightly state.
Last year my athlete , end of spp 1, run 6"39 HT…4-5 days before his SB 6"87, he run like 6"65. ( 30+m).so, just logical he didn’t run 100% so close to a race.
HT are important only inside the same training group, with the same coach timing.
Personal experience again: I’ll start to use photocells next 2 weeks, when returning from warm weather camp;)

Exactly- must be timed by the same coach in the same way. My times were very "happy’ in practice BUT they were consistent and that’s why we could predict within a few hundredths what Ben would run in meets so often.

I’m actually not talking about Texas Relays or those logs, but ironic that they actually do line up there as well.

I know plenty of people who run WAY faster in meets than in practice. That isn’t to say that the goal isn’t to continually improve in practice, but some individuals just aren’t able to run nearly as quickly without some adrenaline.

I do agree here too…also, for many athletes, they just cannot recover form max efforts 3 times a week, even with low volumes, variation of dashes , recovery aids…
Others, want to contually break the world in practice, coaches need to put brakes on most of times, conceding the odd 100% pb effort for also motivational purposes, just on spp…

Last season My partner ran a consistent4.0-3.8 30m hand and dropped a 10.4 auto. I have never been a super fast practice guy myself but 6.5 in a 50 is not fast at all. then he said it like he had just ran fast. And gatlin is not close to a meet at all. So just hope that was a typo.

ha ha found the pic…

Cool…if he still has it , he can outrun Bolt…well, probably after 30m though!!:slight_smile: