Frans Bosch

I didn’t say anyone was wrong in their views - only that others I believe are more correct.

I also did not say the weight room would not benefit an athletes training - what I did say is it would have a general effect and not a specific effect.

Bosch is currently involved with the England Rugby Union team. He is also involved/will be involved with other clubs/nations around the UK apparently.

They videoed the players sprinting, but not sure if during practice or during sprint training. He seen the players one on one.

Here’s what I was told (paraphrased of course):
“He said that I when I ran I had no front engine and I ran with a rear engine. He showed me exercises to do (which where high knees into sprints, holding a stick above the head and sprint, and leaning against a wall and doing knee drives) to improve my front engine. He also said that my rear heel remained on the floor when he said I should be on the ball of my foot. He said to do bounds to fix that.”

So I asked him how Bosch said to implement these exercises in terms of dosage, duration and integration into the weekly training with club or country.

“He never said.”

In other words, a complete waste of time. He said that there was no discussion of how the changes would be implemented or how progress would be monitored or if he would come back and re-evaluate, etc.

He just listed a bunch of exercises and that was it.

@nap; specific effect and general effect. Sounds old school. If general training does not have specificity it does not contribute to what you want to improve
@mighty; 3th hand info. Do you also have first hand info?

No. Friend seen him lecture last year, which was recorded, been waiting ever since for the DVD.

He also commented on some aspect of the movement of the trunk/pelvis that exists in sprinters, but not in rugby players. His advice was single leg exercises.

Some sprint training might be an idea.

When you come up with an exercise that duplicates the outputs of sprints and its intricacies let us know!

Otherwise, you are developing supporting qualities that assist in pushing the speed barrier forward in general way.

@Nap Thanks, now I get your terminology. Your general and my specific can be the same.
@ Mighty, There are also interesting presentations on

Yes exactly, there are a lot of poor choices that can be made when your goal is one thing and you get diverted into another direction. Alway keep your end goal in mind SPEED - POWER!

True! I said that to a friend of mine who wants to research biomechanics of running/sprinting so he can develop new aids in improving speed… Biomechanics and coaching are not the same

From what I see and read (new literature on motor control) we still know very little on the effects of training on adaptations. So to claim that we can dismiss a certain model of thinking because one model (e.g. CF) has proven to be the right one is very silly to me. All is still completely open to debate. Many ways to skin the cat and no way proven to be the best.
Interesting quotes from a Bosch presentation;“Speed is nonexistent” and “Strength is nonexistent either”.