Flying 20's

20-50m submax accel zone follow by a 20m fly zone. I prefer to keep the fly zone submax and focus on tech (stepping over opposite knee etc) esp if the volume is higher…

If your working max speed then you would be wide open.

Okay so in a way it is similar to a 60m run at submax with either a 20m, 30m, 40m cone start with a flyzone of either 40m, 30m or 20m. So the flying 20 discussed would be the latter which is 40m build-up to a flying 20 technical run, which would need a 6 day off another HI CNS workout, correct?

I split the 20 into two 10’s and compare times, with a goal that the two 10’s should be more or less the same. If the second 10 is faster, that indicates the athlete was still accelerating, and I move the fly-in mark farther back. Since each athlete has a different sub-max approach (e.g. three easy steps, etc), the mark will be different for each athlete, even athletes of same gender and similar abilities. I log the distance of these marks for future reference, with the expectation that the two 10’s will be very close in future workouts.


you mean; e.g.
first run for flying 20 with a fly-in mark at 20m, then split the two 10’s with times and if 2nd 10 was faster I move the fly-in from 20m to 30m until both the split 10’s are more or less the same? If so, then got it. Thanks

Okay if I am working max speed then that is HI CNS used up for the week, only low CNS can be done for the rest of the week. I am sorry if I sound like I’m repeating what everyone is advising here, but just wanted to be clear about your replies. It is all so ambiguous… :slight_smile:

False… Go back and read CF materials - most of the flys in his program are at submax esp if your doing 6+ reps. You can work on max speed while going 95%…

If you are having this much trouble understanding flying 20’s maybe you shouldn’t be doing them - stick with 60’s…

Wide Open = very bad cues/descriptions to give athletes, that’s like telling an athlete to go very hard = disaster.

95% is wide open. When have u hit 100% at practice. That only happens at meets. You know exactly what I am talking about when I say wide open. Your never gonna run meet speeds at practice.

Meh, by time he hits the mark he should be “flying”. I’m sure he understands this speed should be controlled and not wild.

95% is not wide open in my book - it’s all good…

Hi RB34,

I have several practical questions related to the 95% figure.

  1. When and how is the 100% figure measured? At practice or at a meet? Electronic timing or a stopwatch? Calculated based on meet performance?

  2. What is the margin of error? For example, is that 95% plus or minus 2%?

  3. How are coaches expected to measure the 95%? Stopwatches?


microman, I doubt us mortals need that long a recovery after such a session. The intensity of the flyings will depend on the effort/speed and distance of the build-up and it should be used to ‘set you up’ so to speak for the flying.

Those questions can be answered in CF Van dvd - I believe James Smith asked a similar question to Charlie in that dvd…

Okay all have been of great help, I understand what I need to do with the flying 20’s now, I understand the difference between the 95%-100% intensity, the use of 10m splits, and the recovery required and why. Just wanted some confirmation from all the great minds here on the forum.

I have some more questions if I may,
SE as Charlie refers to in the Structure of Speed, stands for Special Endurance or Speed Endurance, and
is Special endurance 1 runs 90-98% intensity and
Spec End 2 is 95-100%
Speed Endurance is 90-95% ??

@glaeser i’m not sure if you were asking these questions as though you wanted to assist rb34, or not sure, but I think q1. at practice using a stopwatch measured at training using session performances, and q2. elec timers I believe .25s faster than hand timed. q3. using stopwatch 95% of athletes PB

speed end 70-150m 95-100%
spec end 1 150-300m 90-100%
spec end 2 300-600m 90-100%

would I be correct to say full rec for Spec End 1&2 but not for speed end, and I take it SE is Speed End?

Thanks. I’ve been meaning to contact James about a related topic. I’ll follow up with him.


I take full recovery spec end and furl se or speed end it depends on the speed of the run.