Fitness Lessons I Learned From Charlie Francis

Oh and I may do research on some cancer for a year before applying to Physicans Assistant program. One professor works on colorectal cancer, another on lung. These people are highly regarded worldwide. Feel free to google Cabelof, Khosla, Lucente from Wayne State. They have 1000’s of articles and related links. Certainly some brilliant people who I would be honored to help do some lab work on their research.

Yes, I agree with your post because you are talking about processed meat.

This is about as best as you can do.

Yes, I agree 100%. People are attacking meat not even realizing that there are so many other forms of potential cancer causing situations they are putting themselves in.

Of the top if my head:

• Multiple X rays over the years

• Multiple passes though Airport “security” scanners.

• Contact with gasoline (smell your hand after you pump gas)/motor oil.

• Dangerous chemicals you work with (ie. Working with jet fuel).

• Smoking/Drinking

• You may live in a area where chemicals were dumped into the water system such as the people who live in Irvine California. The military dumped jet cleaning solution right in the aquifers. Cancer rate is much higher now in that area. Same with people who live around camp Lejeune in the East coast.

• People who live around airports or busy ship ports such as long beach, Ca.

• Living in contested areas where the smog can be seen in the skyline such as downtown Los Angeles.

• People who work in old buildings where the ventilation system and the structure of the building is contaminated with asbestos (i.e world Trade Center).

• Anybody working in the military who work with depleted uranium.

• Live around high voltage power lines?

Also, the Earth (via the Jet stream/ocean currents) is slowly accumulating contamination since I say the start of the industrial revolution. From there, to bombs, then nuke testing, to Chernobyl, to now pharmaceutical/medical waste being dumped in the ocean there is really no one fully safe place to go anymore.

AH! Thank GOD I have no kids, this place is no longer fit to raise a family. Earth is now a toxic battlefield where men ruthlessly kill each other.

Lets not be be overly dramatic. Things are never as good as the seem and things are never as bad as they seem. Men have been ruthlessly killing one another since the beginning of time and they will never stop.

Whether beef is bad or not, I try to follow Michael Pollan’s quick and dirty rules on meat eating. I try to buy it from someone I know, thus never in the grocery store, and usually grass fed.

That way it’s expensive (so I don’t eat it very often), and lean.

Does anyone here ever experiment with tempeh? Because it’s fermented soy, it’s supposed to have a more complete profile of protein than other types of soy. There are some good recipes out there too.

Below is a really terrific grass fed burger recipe (as long as you’re OK with mushrooms)!


Dr. Mehmet Oz, standing physician for Bill Clinton’s quadruple bypass surgery, and head of Presbyterian Cardiac Division in New York, said on Oprah that in fact it does take FOUR DAYS for meat to digest.

How true?. If so, wouldn’t it rot in ones gut?.

Don’t read while eating…

I am not a nutritionist person, so it is only my experience.

I stopped eating meat, for about 5 years, due to an experience of being sick. I vomited 3 days after eating steak, and seeing what was in the vomit, in how little the steak had digested so I can believe 4 days - although I guess it depends on the person.

I eat red meat now, as I had a bit of a iron problem (not under recommended doses - but on the low side) and I recommend all my athletes, unless for ethical or religious reasons eat red meat.

Solely due to a plausible iron deficiency or something else?.

And for what reason the recommendation?.

Yeah iron.

My experience. Tend to recommend more to the females as the guys love red meat and the girls don’t as much. I don’t force it on them, I suggest my reasoning behind it to them and parents if necessary.

I have no qualification. I have coached a no-land animal eater with no problems.

If you want a deep and meaningful answer or research or training as an answer - unlikely to get it from me.

from a Harvard doctor regarding a study done by Cancer society. They tried to show a related link between consumption and cancer. While they say thier data supports it, things look a little dodgy. Here is a small excerpt where even the researchers admit the experiment may not have been viable. I don’t go one way or the other, I just find it all very interesting.

healthier counterparts.

“[The results] could be other factors that we did not adequately adjust for,” says lead author Dr. Rashmi Sinha, senior investigator at the National Cancer Institute, “but we tried to as much as possible.”

The study’s findings were met with resistance from industry groups, including the National Pork Board and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.

Dietitian Ceci Snyder said in a statement for the Pork Board that the study “attempts to indict all red meat consumption by looking at extremes in meat consumption, as opposed to what most Americans eat.”

Dr. Mozaffarian also notes that there’s more research to be done, particularly since the findings had an interesting quirk: Cardiovascular disease and cancer were not the most common causes of death among those who ate high amounts of meat. Mozaffarian says this may hint at other underlying causes for the high mortality rates among meat eaters.

Cutting Back

Love the Ketosis Diet
High Vegie and salad, low to medium fruits. Use enough to keep you in trace to medium ketosis.
Use of olive oils and such
High levels of Meat - Fresh meat, low animal fat where possible.

Fantastic for De-toxing and releasing energy

Best “diet” ever

Don’t follow. :confused:

It’s odd, but some people get solid results using keto. I personally don’t like it too much. The key is to control how much you are eating and the ratio. I think Lyle is an expert on the subject seeing as he wrote an entire book on the subject. It’s funny when Joe public eats keto and they just stuff their face with crap. The first law of thermodynamic still applies. It reminds me of all the bodybuilders I know who tell me they eat 7000 calories a day, yet weigh 220 lbs. I ask what their macros look like and they say “350g of protein, 400g carbs, and 100g fat”. I do the math and I am like guy, thats only 3900, where is the other 3100 coming from. I am like unless you are eating another 750+g of carb, I fail to see how this adds up. Like some weird badge of honor.

My Keto program was helped created by a Top level Naturapath that i know.
IT’s fairly involved.

I know what you mean by People butchering the Keto with Crap.

Re-RaceRadio - A guy i put on the Keto last yr - he had his blood tested under microscope, and was found to be very Toxic and in bad health.
3 months later, Following our Keto, and having some Herbs also - blood re-tested and only very small traces of Toxic in his blood profile and now in great health. - That’s just one example. My Naturapath has fistfulls of examples.

I cannot anymore follow Keto - due to my training levels i need many more Carbs than Keto allows. I’m only carrying about 3kg of Fat overall. Keto strips fat off me like a Furness.

I have also seen people who call themself Healthy because they are Vego. haha, they are NOT vego, I call them Cake’a’terians. They are sick and in bad health very often.

I honestly cannot remember the last time i was sick for longer than 24hrs. It’s been many yrs. Eat Natural good foods for a good 80% of the time, and you have nothing to worry about.

Bold, well said. I know many vegans and 80% are overweight bordering on obese. There is a lot of studies showing just how bad fructose can be for the body. I believe anything over 100g/day will start to pack fat on most people. To be a good vegan, you must be very diligent about mixing your protein sources to get the right amino acid profiles. Yeah, keto brings down fat rapidly. Pretty simple science, but poor choice for high functioning athletes. More for the bodybuilder types. Lyle has had some really good articles regarding keto. Very smart guy. I personally like a Paleo type diet, nuts, berries, good fats, little grains, lots of lean protein. Funny how many people bash keto, yet many who eat it have much better lipid profiles after 2-3 months on it.

I wonder if diet effects the ability/efficiency of nerve impulses of the peripheral/central nervous systems?.


What’s a good sprinter diet for someone who is fairly blood sugar / carbohydrate sensitive?

Also, some vegetarian foods can be really useful. Tempeh is a good protein source, and it is totally unprocessed (unless you consider fermentation processing), as well as easy to cook and way less expensive than organic meats, so I use it once a week or so.

I think many vegan foods are excellent. I personally feel that athletes need to eat animal protein, but that is just my opinion. I think you need to adjust your diet so that you eat enough carbs to recuperate properly, yet not so many that you start putting on fat. It’s just a constant refinement. Protein, essential fats, and the rightamount of carbohydrates at the proper time. Mostly am and post workout use something fast acting. Maltodextrin, Vitargo, may be good choices. If you feel insuling or carb sensitive, use more low glycemic choices.