Favorite Charlie quote's you always find yourself using

Get things right at slow speeds then only increase speed when the technique is correct.

Go with the characteristics of the track surface do not try and over power it.

Don’t time easy – fast – easy runs as the athlete may be tempted to ‘go for it’ from the start which is not the objective. Focus on the fast portion is working the arms, which will lead to increased hip height; it should be visible (refer to GPP DVD).

When the hips are high and running at top speed the hamstrings and quads are not in conflict and are working as one due to the force coming from the hip like a pendulum. This can only be achieved with adequate hip height and is called Lombard’s paradox.

With good starts the first few steps feel light. On set breathe in and hold. Focus on getting the lead hand out, forget about power just let it happen. The rest of start information is in Fundamentals 1 DVD. Med ball drills can be found in GPP DVD.

Charlie’s squad had the best starts in the country and didn’t own blocks. All work was done via drills and med ball work.

Drills and med ball work avoid paralysis by analysis in blocks.

When running the bend tilt your head down and to the left, eyes look at the line approx 5m ahead, all else remains the same. This helps hug the line. It is important to stay like that till you complete the bend then lift it back to normal position. You can practice by starting from 1/2 way through bend and build up.

and then there are the classic one liners like

Starting is the opposite of sex, you want faster not harder.

“Less is more.” I use this one at least once a week.

Scientific research must always FOLLOW observation/intuition, as it must validate a given proposition. Failure to validate a clear observation is the fault of the science- not the observer.

“Less is More. If in doubt, do less”

“Any high intensity power contribution from the abs is already covered in the high intensity work itself (ie sprints, explosive med ball, plyos, weights) Don’t look for more ways to trash the nervous system”

“Athletes should never be sore from training”

Stop as soon as there is any indication of deterioration. Every single training must show something better than the last one.

“Perfect practice makes perfect”

Don’t try to do anything special.

First you do it right, then you speed it up.

“The only universal side-effect of drug use is memory loss. Everyone who’s taken them has forgotten all about it.”

“If everyone who says they’re drug free is, in fact, drug free, there is no drug problem, but, if drug use really is rampant then there are a hell of a lot of liars out there!!”

“If in doubt, leave it out”

“The person who saves something special for the Big Occasion invariably fucks up the Big Occasion.”

“If there’d been a computor in 1900, it would have predicted that by the year 2000, there’d be so many horses on the street that it’d be impossible to clean up all the horseshit!”