Fatigue in 200m for masters athletes


You mentioned Sydney in your post in September. What did you run?


in GPP I’m between 2000-3000 meters. in SPP I’m between 1600 and 2000.

Tom I ran 11.59 in the 100, 23.79 in the 200 and 53.46 in the 400 at Sydney.

with this and the following statement you made

The best I could do the last 2 years was 23.8, with some 400 training behind me, I run 22.74. I listened to what Charlie said, observed the charts from Vancouver 04 and realized that I could train short speed all I wanted, but until I worked up into special speed 1 with any consistency and aggressive tempo work I was destined to fade in the 200. Now its 11.7-11.04 for my 200.

do you think perhaps there is more to be gained by more SE work than tempo? :confused: Looking at your week it appears that is the case, or have I read that wrong?

What I found John doing more SE SS1 work, (at the expense of tempo) was that on a multi event day, or in rounds, somehow I was not as “fresh” or ready after a race. I ran well, but would be exhausted and kinda weak.

We remedied this by adding in tempo work and for a 3 wk period sneaking in a mile pre-warm up. This allowed me to run through the week at Sydney and finish it on Sunday with a 200 final, into a 4x100, and from the medal stand right into the 4x400. Ran well in all 3.

Now we feel rather bullet proof, and have no fear of a week long indoor championship running every day for a week (Mon-Sat) in an attempt to sweep the sprints.

So to sum it all up, You have to find an ideal mix of both without a deficit in either.