Excellent Multivitamin!

Hmmm, that looks pretty good. It even has the zma in it. When I run out of my Trader Joes MMV I think I will give this one a try…

The NOW ADAM is probably the best Multi for athletes … Went through a few bottles.

I like the Now super antioxidants and EGCG. You can definitely feel it working during a tempo session or long run. The fatigue barrier is pushed way back.

What about this one? Similar contents, but cheaper

It’s been my experience that you notice the effects more when you stop taking them. Then you realize what your body has been missing. I doubt it will ever have a really noticeable effect unless you were massively in something.

i paid 18 for 120 pills.

what dosage are you taking

I agree with these comments. They are a small addition to supplement the diet.
If the body doesn’t need them it expells it effectively, whereas if you have an excess of protien or carbs it can’t use or get rid of, it makes you fat.

True guys. Multi-vitamins/multi-minerals (or supplementing with certain micro nutrient, like zinc) “work” only when you have certain deficiency, but when your level are normal going above the ‘normal threshold’ ain’t gonna do anything and may cause problems. The problem is, off course, that with modern nutrition and a lot of training some athletes are predisposed to develop certain deficiencies and minerals/vitamins provide safety stuff.
I suggest you check Applied Nutrition for Mixed Sports by Lyle McDonald for more practical info on this

I am a Nutrition Major in 5th year grad studies. Lyle has some really good work out there. He is quite knowledgeable in both academic and real world nutrition,. Brilliant stuff. I have a world renowned prefessor who thinks 95% of supplements are bunk.

I agree Speedcoach. I really love Lyle. I am wondering why the hell is he not working with some pro team as a nutritionist/counselor or actually coaching. I guess he have skills to do that.
He should be probably pretty rich by now, but because his material is no B.S. people are not that willing to listen. They want magic pill. The secrets.

but John Berardi is the same way. He always said don’t try to replace food with potions, pills, and powders. I met him about 10 years ago. He was just finishing up his PhD. Love both of their stuff. No BS, I always tell people extreme results take extreme measures to achieve. A level of commitment that most will never know.

How come Lyle don’t have PhD? His Ketogenic Diet could be easily considered final paper for PhD

no sense. Lyle is every bit as intelligent as Berardi. I read his keto book and it truly is a great source of information. I used a lot of those principles on myself with great success. Got body fat below 4% on skin calipers several times in my bodybuilding career. His theoretical work helped me a lot. I am in final year of B.S. in Nutrition and it actually helped me in the classroom. His knowledge is second to none.

Not reasonable that supplements dont work on some level for most. People who are selling cook books might not want to say this.
I have been cooking all meals at home for myself and my family for 22 years. Seven of those years I was an nationally ranked elite athlete with limited time and energy. Cooking can be an exhausting and a thankless job if you dont enjoy it. Thankfully most of the time I enjoyed the process.
Eating out is fine and if you are reasonable you can supplement here and there as you need to.
A good overall multi vit is pretty good but I perfer liquids in general. Plus it just makes more sense to me from a digestive stand point.
If you visit a pharmacy that caters towards longevity, wellness and the immunosuppressant people you will learn a great deal about what works when you dummy their perscriptions down for normal people looking for higher performance.:wink:
No one needs a ph-d to understand vitamins are used in hospitals and a wide variety of commercially available foods for good reason. It simply does not exsist in nature like it once did.

Very true Ange. No minerals in soil means no minerals in food.

Hi all, please advise who ever can assist. What is the best multivitamin for a teenage girl 15yrs. No chemist shop around here so will be ordering it. This is to help her in her training for the 100m and 200m, just an amateur athlete. Appreciate all the info and advise.

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Ange, where is your blog? I couldn’t find it.

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