Energy Distribution - Alactic and Lactic

I understand that for a well trained sprinter who runs 10s or less has less time using his Lactic Anaerobic Energy probably around 17% of the race, and uses 82% of Alactic Energy. With this individual as Charlie stated ran his Alactic time in 8s and the remaining was lactic energy. Charlie also stated that Alactic is 0-7.5s etc, but with a beginner athlete of times between 12-14s, how would one know where the alactic stops and the lactic starts? Is this according to how each individual feels at certain part of the race or is it by time or distance as stated? Appreciate all positive comments contributed.

Three Ideas:
1: I think this is where CF intensity limits would be very helpful.
2: Video the athlete runs to find out at which point they are done accelerating.
3: Instead of using distance you could use time.

RB34 sorry but don’t understand what you mean by CF, how could I tell when they are done accelerating, and when using time, does that mean when athlete is done accelerating that would be his alactic period?

CF = Charlie Francis

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I don’t get to caught up in the alactic or lactic terms. The way I look at is as follows;

You reach max speed at 6 seconds.

Anything before that is acceleration, and anything after that is speed endurance.

I know this is not, technically, correct but I do like to use the KISS approach as my simple mind is well simple.

Yes I also agree with that, I also use this knowledge, but only wanting to know exactly how we can tell the difference. Oh well. I guess I will have to stick to this after all. Thanks for your contribution.

I thought it was 7.5s regardless of standard, but the faster ones cover more distance in that time. Wasn’t there a thread called “how far do you get for your 7.5s” or something??

Would appreciate anyone who can help point to the right thread. Tried searching but could not find.

I suspect it has gone the way of the old forum…

I found an article on this so just wanted to share the info.
With Usain Bolt, he has
Drive Phase
7 steps for his acceleration, shin angle on his 7th step foot strike is perpendicular to ground, torso remains slightly inclined,
Transition Phase
he has 10 steps for this phase, on the 10th step his torso will be somewhat at 90deg now he is coming into his
Max Velocity Phase
after another 10 steps or so he will have reached his maximum speed at about 60m, then
Speed Maintenance Phase
for the rest of the 100m, 14 steps remaining.

In case you did not, to check for any archived threads search through google rather than using the site search engine.

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I searched through google and I found this:

“There was a thread a while ago that was titled something like “How far do you get in your seven seconds”. If someone could find it I think it would really relate to the deceleration thing. I tried searching and came back empty handed”

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that’s almost exactly the same as what I said! how frustrating…[/QUOTE]

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