Detroit Marathon: 3 die

2.55 would be beyond the people i’ve dealt with entering recreationally, but, that said, the group with the main mortality figures would likely be slower than the people I dealt with.

Along these lines, had a sprinter friend of mine several years back train for a marathon, he did the long runs, etc, seemed to be prepared, day of race got out to 10 mile mark did not feel right, continued anyway and finished. Subsequently came down with a mysterious virus, went to several doctors, a lot of blood work, put on 25 pounds, did not want to even think about running, it lasted 6 months and he finally kicked it. Went back to sprints, and some people run marathons and love it, i’ll stick to the 400, :slight_smile:

Yes, it is stupid, but the stupidity constantly gets promoted because a few people at the top make lots of money on entry fees and cancer/aids “research” marathons.

I’m not surprised by this due to the flu/h1n1 going around, along with mass inoculations. In other words, I’m sure a few people who were there competing were sick but should have been at home.