Deep thigh contusion

Playing some flag football this past weekend. Early in the game i took a hit to my thigh. I felt it but it wasnt bad. Finished playing an hour or two later. the whole day i knew the bruise was there but it wasnt too bad. So i did my post game stretching and everything. The next morning it got nice and stiff and swollen. I actually had tried to run that moning but I couldnt without a limp. I had planned on doing some squats also but decided against it. I couldnt ice until that night. (monday)

Today is tuesday it feels better but it is sore to the touch. I have a full range of motion. But i feel it during certain movements like walking up stairs. Ill ice again tonight and start wrapping the thigh.

Do you guys suggest I do some ems? IF so When. Im thinking i have a grade 1 bruise.


I’ve had a few deep thigh bruises and other than applying DMSO in the acute phase, it’s just something that takes time.

If you can do tempo without causing problems, I would do that. Otherwise, hit the weights like a madman.

Hope you get healed up quickly.

Thanks. It amazes me how quickly it got better. all i did was ice on monday after work. tuesday I had to gingerly walk up and down stairs. wednesday (today) I was able to run up the stairs with no real pain. I did rub some physiobalm on this morning to. I should be ready to go by friday.