Critique my start please

Check out the clip on the right “40 yd start mechanics” . This video is from an admin here and should give you a good quick overview. Things to note as you watch the clip-

  1. Even while setting up and demonstrating he is always stable
  2. The feet are straight ahead, yours appear to be a little crooked
  3. I personally prefer athletes use a little longer setup, 1.5 foot lengths to line, but one foot will work if (see #4)
  4. The hips get over and slightly in front of the front foot
  5. Hips are up and when he moves he doesn’t dip the hips back down, every movement is forward from that point
  6. The back is straight and not bent
  7. The up hand is near the hip

Thanks for the tips. I guess I really never bothered to learn the start (I was also never taught it) in the blocks or during the 40, especially since my start was never the issue in the race (60m). However, since the 60 includes a great deal of acceleration, this should shave some time off for me. My problem has always been developing max speed (I have a bit more bf% than the average sprinter), but it’s creeping down now so I should be ready for tryouts in october.

I assume explosive medicine ball work and such will help a lot with my acceleration. My pb in 60m is 7.62 - looking to get 7.40 at least this year.

This is a common issue with athletes new to sprinting. They think since they are quick to 5-10 meters that their start is fine but then can’t figure out why they have problems like popping up early at 15 meters. Block/stance setup is the foundation, which then sets up acceleration, which set ups max velocity. If the foundation is off everything after that point will also be off.

Would you like to gamble on my version of the start?

My last few sprint sessions have used what Stikki suggested, however, on my next training session I will attempt to use the “moyle placement” and see which feels better.

is that you squatting 290x5 and 375x1?

man i could do 290x5 but only max at about 320. Good work.

Hemann, yup that’s me. I could’ve done more probably, but I kept my ego in check.

Update: Just downloads Practical Session 1 & 2 and I’ve watched them once. I wish I had a coach like Charlie just observing me and perfecting my form. It’s really hard to do it myself.

You should get some hill work in. Concentrate on form when doing hills before trying to blast off up the hills. Dont go slow but make sure you work on form. Triple extension/arm swing/low heel recovery and neutral head alignment. What state are you in BTW?

Ontario, Canada. :slight_smile:

Where in Ontario? Why aren’t you training with a coach / club / group?

Hamilton. I’ll start training w/ my university team again in october but the coaches there aren’t really that good. It’s basically like a “here do this” and they hardly watch and give any input. No idea where to find a quality coach here tbh.

I’m based in Toronto. Let me do a little bit of asking around. I know there is a good multi-event coach that works with a few Niagara area students, maybe I can find out more info from them. It can’t hurt to ask.

That sounds really good actually! I’d really appreciate it if you could find out anything.

Be careful who it is if you do get an outside coach, if you’re affiliated with a CIS University program already and the coach you get workouts from is also affiliated with a competing CIS institution you can get into a sticky situation. Not saying that’s going to be the case but just be aware.

Hi guys. I have a few videos of some hill sprints. I really need to work on my acceleration form more. I know there’s a bunch wrong (head down, e.g) but I can’t pin point everything.


My brother running 100m (any critique here would be pleasant too) - I noticed he has terrible conditioning + max speed + speed endurance. His start isn’t bad.

I thought Stikki was helping you. I would have liked the help to be seen on the thread. I don’t think anyone really knows what has been recommended.

I know as much as you do, jd. There has been no exchange in private messages.

The only things I’ve recommended are what you saw posted on the first page of this thread, just basic starting stance advice.

I’m no expert reviewing videos, but here are my 2 cents.

You seem to make some weird back and forth movement in all your starts, eliminate this from your start, everything should be going forward. This is present in both your video from 4 weeks ago (where I think a few attributed it to improper starting stance) and your videos in the hills. If you do this movement in the blocks you might even get DQed. Your running stance/hip height also seems very low, although this is hard to tell since your long baggy shorts don’t really help when trying to analyze your running position, although since the low hip height is noticeable in both the video from 4 weeks ago and the latest one, I’m leaning to think it’s not an optical effect caused by your shorts. It also appears to me your quite tight/tense in your shoulders/arms when running, this is also noticeable 4 weeks ago and now too.

I thought you would expand a bit, at least that is what I thought this forum was about. Helping athletes to a better form, add the CF programming which is for sale etc.