Conference Tentatively Planned for May 14, 2011

Damn. My local zones is that weekend.

On the right is a high school sprinter I was coaching last year at the Cal State Los Angeles Last Chance Qualifier meet held on the same day of this seminar. On the left is Tyrone Edgar.

I think you know where I’ll be on 5/14.

Damn my uncle lives 5 minutes of car from there but due to work I won’t be in my “second nation” ;(:frowning:

Number Two, is there going to be video of seminars for those od us who have too much commitment to come, school and baby. Thanks in advance.

“Come, school and baby” - that pretty much my deal and priority list as well!

I always shoot video of the conference presentations. The question is whether or not the presenters want to release their information. I edited Al Vermeil’s presentation from last year, and have been working with him to make it available soon.

So, I will discuss with individual presenters and figure it out.

Rob Panariello has posted some great stuff on various websites and forums. Nice to see someone with a true appreciation for the classic lifts and not try to re-invent the wheel or manufacture controversy in order to sell DVDS.

Yes - Rob is one of those guys that works hard, gets results in his practice and is an industry leader. However, because he is so busy getting results, he doesn’t have the time to flood the internet, boasting about his expertise and making up contrived blog posts every week to sell product.

We need to spend more time learning from these types of professionals, rather than worshipping the internet self-promoters.

Obviously Number Two I won’t be able to make it being thousands of miles away, but I’d urge everyone anywhere near to travel to it…

You’re guaranteed …
(a) …to learn from real world experts
(b) whose primary aim is to be the best they can be in their field and
© you won’t be fed bullsh!t from publicity specialists
(d) and network and learn from genuine experts and good people during the coffee breaks

I hope members appreciate the effort that Number Two has gone to in organizing this seminar - It’s not an easy thing to do and he’ll most likely be out of money by the end of it too when all is said and done.

Don’t miss it - if you can at all get there.

Thanks No23. My goals every conference are to:

  1. Provide quality speakers with proven records
  2. Break even

Sometimes I reach my goals, sometimes I don’t!

I luckily live in the Vancouver area and have attended the last 3 conferences No2 has put on and can say that they are top notch with very knowledgeable presenters. I have always came away with a lot more knowledge and understanding of concepts that I had not understood in the past or even knew about. I apply a lot principles I learned at these conferences to the rival university sprinters that I work with. So i encourage anybody who can attend do attend. I know i will be there.

This comment is worth Gold. Seriously
I maybe get a chance to spend 1 day a month or 2months to work on my Website - havnt done a article or blog post in 6months!

I can only imagine the spare time one must have to always be working on Internet selling. It’s never quick and easy like they promote. Then once you’ve done your own training…

I agree wholeheartedly. There must be a relationship between how many blog entries you write and how much time you actually train other people or yourself.

I would be especially interested in seeing Joe Horrigan’s presentation. I’ve been a big fan of his for over 20 years.

Derek, when we were at the 2002 Asheville seminar didn’t you tell me that you did some training with Joe in soft tissue techniques some time back?

No actual training per se, but I have observed him working on some athletes (a few I have coached). And, I’ve spent years talking with him about therapy and training. Very knowledgeable guy.

double post

Well, I’m signed up. Anyone else from planning on attending?

The conference went well and was well attended. There were a number of members in attendance as well. Hopefully they will provide some feedback. I’ll post a more comprehensive review in a few days.

It is important to note that 3 of 5 presenters made references to Charlie’s work and influence. It is great for me to see how Charlie’s work has influenced many individuals who are already at or near the top of their profession.

Charlie influenced a lot of trainer, unfortunately not everibody will admit it!
Number 2 is it possible to have a dvd of the conference?

Hi Number Two, any news about ?
I’ve been away from the forum and I’ve missed lot of thread in the last 7 months.

i’ll be there.
Thank you.