Coming back from chronic achilles

Mon 30/5

3/4 power snatch no knee bend 70% 3x3

treadmill 15 degrees continuous 20 minutes 7kmhr

31/5 Tue

25 km cycle
20m various core work



2/6 Th

deadlifts 180x3 felt very easy
30 min treadmill 15 deg 7k hr



4/6 Sat

2km fartlek, 2k cont 5 min k pace

5/6 Sun

45 min treadmill 15 deg 7kmhr

6/6 Mon

Two hard days over the W/E, will be giving 48 hrs for legs to recovery. Upper circuit today

7/6 Tue

Boxing 45 minutes, cardiovascular fitness starting to feel good.

  • pullovers 3x10x30kg
  • lat raise 3x10x30kg

Wed 8/6

25 min run medium intensity 5 min k pace
8x100 15 sec recovery
circuit- high volume of triceps extension to failure

felt good during run, legs were gone at the end.

Thur 9/6

upper body circuit

Th 9/6

deadlifts 180x3, pullovers 3x10x40,

Fri rest

Sat rest

Sun 12/6

45 minutes 15 deg treadmill, 4kg weight vest
standing CR 3x15

Monday 16/6

right calf tight, few days of no loading on the lower limb

Thursday 16/6


Friday 17/9

arm crank 5min, 30s 200rpm x5
inline skating 20 min

Sat 18/6

deadlifts 140x10,180x3,160x5
power cleans + snatch 3x3x3 70%

Won a 300m in 2008, here’s the video.

300m Win in 2008 Heat


Will be racing a 300m in a few weeks.

Monday 29/7/13


4x100 warm up
3x300 48,46,46 flats
4x100 13.1,13.1 12.1, 12.1, spikes
1x60 7.6 spikes
12x25 flats

300x3 900
100x4 400
60x1 60
25x12 300
total Volume 1660

box jumps 10x5,

Tuesday 30/7/13

grass/ in flats
5x100 warm up
2x150 21
6x100 14s
2x100 13.0, 12.5

150x2 300
100x8 800
50x2 100
25x12 300
Total Volume 1500(not including warm up)

Wed 31/7/13

200x3 600 @ 30s
100x8 800@ 15s
150x1 150 @21s
25x12 300
total Volume 1850

Thur 1/8/13

Stayed in flats, calves were little bit tight during warm up.
warm up 5x100
100x8 800 @ 80%
50x10 500 (flying 20) @90%
25x12 300
Total Volume 1550

Been doing a lot of 5-15k distance running. Some 5 k results below. Best of 22minutes. Just been running steady, sometimes I ran for 40 minutes before the 5km race. Goal is sub 20minutes, but haven’t don’t have enough endurance to maintain that pace.

    14298 	2014-08-22 	5 	24:03 	04:49 	  	HANDICAP 	 
14069 	2014-07-25 	5 	26:24 	05:17 	  	HANDICAP 	 
13772 	2014-06-27 	5 	26:31 	05:18 	  	HANDICAP
    14256 	2014-08-15 	5 	22.01 	04:30 	  	NON-HANDICAP

Parramatta parkrun 23/08/2014 57 62 24:08 55.32%
Parramatta parkrun 17/05/2014 29 38 24:01 55.24%
Parramatta parkrun 10/05/2014 42 50 24:06 55.05%
Parramatta parkrun 03/05/2014 36 41 26:20 50.38%
Parramatta parkrun 26/04/2014 60 76 27:25 48.39%
Parramatta parkrun 19/04/2014 70 91 26:46 49.56%
Parramatta parkrun 12/04/2014 68 85 28:34 46.44%
Parramatta parkrun 05/04/2014 74 104 30:29 43.52%


Monday - 60 to 90 minutes easy, low intensity hops, 1k x 3 4 min k pace

Tuesday - 30 minutes easy, low intensity hops, 500x5 90s

Wednesday - 30 minutes easy, low intensity hops, speed ( repeat 100s 15-13s)

Thursday- 30 minutes easy, speed ( repeat 100s 15-13s)

Friday- 10-15 minutes easy, strides and either 5k or 8 k race.

Saturday- 10-15 minutes easy, 5k race, 2x2k cross country

Sunday - 30 minutes easy, strides

Rest day every 10 days, or less when needed. Been training for 4 months, find it better to have active recovery, other than rest days.

-dude has a long stride on the outside lane nearest camera.


A) Incline press 100x2x2 pause , shoulder press 60x8x3 upper body circuit ( wrist rehab exercises)

A) 5x100 B) 60x2 , 10,20,30 stand start and in flats

So did you defeat your Achilles issue. If so how?

Achilles are never defeated, once you’ve got signs of degeneration its a matter of management. Often pain is not evident with initial micro tears , so a lot athletes train on it.

Prof Jill Cook has got a good overview on tendon rehab.

You have to identify what are the aggravating factors. For me it was training on grass and too much training from 3 point stance.

Training on synthetic and in flats with appropriate recovery between sessions is important. Also you should have rehab protocol. I 've used eccentrics, isometrics , single leg hopping etc I ve found that doing double leg calf raises and seated calf raises the best for as they don’t flare up the tendon.

I have been running for about 3 mths now after 2 yrs out with achilles tendinopathy. What has helped me is very heavy ( 2 x bodyweight) isometrics, 6 x 45sec hold on the leg press machine every day.
Also all my running has been on concrete or synthetic …no grass for me either.

I experienced the same with regards to grass. The softer the surface, the more likely it is to cause achilles issues.

I’ve had some success with isometrics as well, do you use the 45 deg or horizontal leg press ?

So much rain in Sydney lately, grass is only good when dry and flat. I’ve been sticking to concrete and synthetic.

22/3 Friday

am) b.squats singles up to 140, RDL singles up to 160- circuit

pm) b. squat singles up to 150, 8s 2 r x 120, incline press singles up to 110 pause, circuit

strength pretty good at the moment, felt strong standing up in the squat. Need to work on stability in parallel position

Sat 23/03

2x100, 1x50 , 7 min run

Had some leg soreness from yesterday.

Last week Romanian Deadlifted 200kg. Sumo deadlifted 210. Feel I have the back strength for 230-240 , need to work on sitting hips lower.