Coaching Young Sprinters aged 11-16 - Recommended Resources Help

Hello everyone,

I currently volunteer at an athletics club and I help the assist the coach with sprinters and hurdlers (Well those who want
to hurdle now and again!)

While I appreciate that some children want to attend now and again there will be also those who will have personal
goals in terms times and winning medals. I want to be able to cater to them since I will soon be coaching also.

I’ll tell you the type of things want to buy resources on:

*What to coach in the winter for sprinters up to summer…

How to peak if your gonna run indoor and outdoor and how to continue with training after the indoor season
(are training programs set out for 11-16 years to peak for indoor and outdoor? or do they just cut down training for that week and run??)

*Good warm up(trying to stay away from the static stretching business lots of coaches do this even though they’ve been told not to!)

*Teaching athletes with good techinque (VERY IMPORTANT I don’t want an athlete to come to me knowing how to run then end having to be
re-taught to run by another coach because you messed up the kid!)

*Strength and conditioning for teenage athletes (I heard Maurice Wilson of Holmwood Tech (Jamaica) doesn’t use weights so important to learn
the correct/different methods!)

are there good books about S&C for female athletes too?

I know you guys are very knowledgable so I hope you guys respond. I will greatly appreciate feedbackk trust me!

Thanks in advance!!

A great starting point is Speedtrap. This book will give you a starting point in understanding how my husband accomplished something that no other person has yet to achieve in our country. ( Canada). It’s an easy read, an ebook and if you have a Kindle it would be perfect.
The next ebook would be CFTS… an informal training manual which again will give you some insight and is in Q and A format and pretty easy to get your feet wet with.
Keep in touch and let us know what you think.

I think all the questions you have are really in the CFTS and also for technique copy the GPP download - some great technique and also shows you lots of exercises you can use with kids but just at lower volumes and in conjunction with some hurdle work or technical stuff for the jumps etc.

Thanks Guys.

What does GPP mean?

Also anyone else who can see this please respond!

Books and DVDs will help also.

GPP means general preparation period of training.