China's Sports Training System

He invited me to come study with him in Italy; however, finances and logistics did not permit it at the time. That would surely have been an incredible experience.

Dr. Verkhoshansky expressed his frustration on more than one occasion to me, actually we commiserated, regarding the large amount of western coaches who are uninformed. These communications always took place in the context of our agreement that there are no curricula in the US that adequately prepare individuals to technically or physically prepare athletes.

Vladimir Issurin and I shared a short plane flight together following the seminar we both spoke at in 2007. Interestingly, he assumed I was a Ph.D. or M.S. and when I told him that I had a B.A in Music Performance (Jazz) he was befuddled.

I then went on to explain how I felt fortunate to have been self-educated and that it was my feeling that no university in CONUS offered a suitable curriculum relative to my interests.

He mentioned that, regarding English speaking programs and programs in languages that are relatively quick to learn, the Sport Science Institute in Cologne Germany and the Australian Institute of Sport were two institutions that were host to advanced curriculums and many transplanted sport scientists from former communist bloc nations.

The AIS is not an academic institution.

I just finished a paper for a class I’m taking, and as many of you know, the AIS in Australia specifically used the sports training model of East Germany and China when they created it!


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Is there any good book/resource on overview of different sport systems of the countries like USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, China, Italy? I am thinking more about management/organization at the country level (leagues, governmental bodies, associations, faculties, selection, talent identification) rather than about ‘training specifics’ of the system (although, if that is covered it would be awesome).

We had couple of lectures on this in college, but I cannot find my notes on it.

I am saying this because, coming from Europe, understanding American College system of sports, and ‘natural selection’ is pain in the arse form me. Especially, I want to study the sport model of Australia and Italy.
Maybe, one day I may serve a position in national bodies, so I need to be well prepared, to see what model fits the Serbian politic/mentality/context :smiley:

As far as the USA goes, there is no such thing. The democratic free market society that we all enjoy fosters independence and individualized approaches from state to state. Unfortunately, concepts such as talent identification/selection, sports training systems, and so on are no where to be found at any meaningfully informed capacity. All of these factors exist at a highly pedestrian level except for, perhaps, isolated situations in which a particular coach/coaching staff has been exposed to international research and methodologies and is well informed.

The closest ‘systems’ you will find in CONUS are from the various certifying bodies such as USATF, NSCA, and so on; however, each legislature has their own agenda.

Ironically, communist regimes, while certainly less enjoyable to live in for obvious reasons, are superb for your interests due to the unified approach, national sport training systems, state sponsorship, socio-politico backing, and etcetera.

Thanks for the info James. If I remember correctly, and I may be wrong (and please correct me), USA sport system, although not defined or managed by central institutions or governmental bodies are still superior and based on ‘natural-selection’, right?
Any specific books/resources you can point me to?

Especially, I want to study the sport model of Australia and Italy.


No, you do not! I absolutely agree with James. You do not want to glimpse at the Australian system (if there is any) as our results in athletics speak volumes.

I am sure the management of AK Crvena Zvezda or other clubs from your country (no matter how corrupt they may be :slight_smile: ) could lecture members of committees of Australian athletics clubs on numerous topics including the management subject.

I am familiar with the “Eastern bloc” system and all I could say to you is - I wish we had at least one intelligent person who would be in a position to replicate what the Eastern Europeans did in the 80’s and then apply it in practice in Australia.

But, it isn’t going to happen.

You should look at us now :slight_smile:
Actually, a prof. Milan Tomić was a Managing Director of Red Star (Crvena Zvezda) during 80’ and he was my professor at Faculty under management and marketing classes. Really experienced sport menager, and his two books on menagement and marketing in sport are really good ones. I don’t know if they are translated.
Anyway, although I agree that menagement of Red Star during the 80’ was really great, I am more interested into menagement and organization of the sport at larger scale (country, state) and I cannot find any resource (only on club menagement, facility menagement).
I was always thinking that AUS sport system (centralized and governed by AIS, if I am correct) was/is one of the best ones in the world??? I am not talking about training practices and such, only on organization

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I was always thinking that AUS sport system (centralized and governed by AIS, if I am correct) was/is one of the best ones in the world??? I am not talking about training practices and such, only on organization


It definitely isn’t. The sport (athletics) is slowly dieing no matter what the admin says about the current state of the sport in AUS. Each year we have fewer successful international athletes. There may be a few of them who are really good but that’s 1, 2, or 3 in a country of 22-23 mil. with supposed “best” system in the world. That hardly satisfies me.

I too had pleasure of meeting with Mr. Tomic and Stekic back in the day (Brankovic, Macev and I’ve forgotten the name of the best decathlete you had at the time). When I speak of the EE system I refer to the 80’s. I am unaware of what’s going on in your part of the world these days, tough.


I sent you an email with two papers…one is a journal article regarding Australia…hope it helps!

Let me know if you don’t get it.

And talent identification means - standing at the finish line at carnivals and telling the winner that you train the winner of the last race, if need to pay them to join your group. Doesn’t satisfy me either.

And talent identification means - standing at the finish line at carnivals and telling the winner that you train the winner of the last race, if need to pay them to join your group.

Exactly right. And not only that, when it gets to coaching there is an army of pseudo-coaches with the Level 1-5 certificates (one could clean a bottom with it in reality) charging the hopeful parents whatever they want :slight_smile: With no guarantee, of course.

Chinese sport system?


Although this type of training has no place in any sport at any time, let’s not jump to conclusions about the system based on the “video”. Regarding child cruelty, let’s video tape the extremely physically underdeveloped/underprepared grade school kids at their two-a-day football camp during their “conditioning drills”, or the 5th grade pitching phenom competing “year round” and visiting the local ortho (not Dr. Andrews) to get Tommy John, or how about the overweight high school volleyball player who’s parents think its a great idea to do P90x’s “ploymetric” video for a couple weeks prior to her competitive season- a season that ends up lasting a mere 2 weeks due to her needing an ACL reconstruction. Let’s video all of this and put it on youtube and show all the Chinese coaches and hear what they have to say about the American “system”. Different social/political/economic motives and cultures. Take the system for what it is, and leave out the social bullshit – Good post Mladen, it should remind us to never point the finger.

I agree. This is not the evidence. There is always bad things happening in every system. That’s why we must not take things for granted neither for good nor for bad things. Good post!