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warm-up dynamic stretch routine and static stretch for minimum of 10 minutes

A) Hollow Sprints 100 yards ( X 5) without stopping run half speed 20 yards, full speed 20 yards, half speed 20 yards, full speed 20 yards, half speed 20 yards alternate full and half speed in 20 yard increments for 100 yards 5 times (rest 45 seconds between sets)

B) SPEED DRILLS (30 second rest between sprints)
(1) Shuffles (quick feet) 4x each way overspeed moving feet as quickly as possible for 25 yards (8 total)
(2) Carioca (quick feet) 4x each way overspeed train moving feet as quick as possible for 25 yards (8 total)
(3) Power skips (backwards for distance) 4x 25 yards
(4) Quick feet back pedal 4x 25 yards
(5) quick feet cross overs 4x each way overspeed quick feet 25 yards (8 total)

(1) Nebraska Agility Drill
__ .__ dots are cone placement, “x” is starting point
x . 5yrds between lines (bottom line is start line) (top line is 5 yard line)

-start in hockey v start stance knees bent
-sprint 5 yrds to first cone and make a tight right turn around cone without stopping
-sprint back to starting line and make a tight left turn around cone without stopping
-sprint to 5 yard line again and touch with fingers and then backwards pedal back to start line
-4 sets resting 30 seconds between sets

(2) Three-Corner Drill Shuffle Steps
. dots are cone placement, “x” starting point
x_______ bottom line is start line, top line is 10 yards from start, cones are 10 yrds apart
on top ten yard line, mile cone is staggered 5 yards back from 2nd cone

-start in hockey v stance knees bent
-sprint 10 yrds from start to left side of first cone
-plant left foot and drive off it shuffling right to second cone
-at second cone backpedal down 5 yards to inside of third cone
-at third cone plant left foot and break forward/right at 45 degree angle sprint 10 steps
-do 4 sets this direction then 4 sets other direction moving third cone to left side and start on opposite side
-8 sets total rest 30 seconds between sets

(3) Three-Corner Drill Cross Over Steps
-same as above but instead of shuffles do quick feet crossovers instead
-8 sets total rest 30 seconds between sets (4 each way)

(4) Pro Agility Drill
l l l
l l l
l l l
5 5
-from a two point stance, straddle middle line (lines five yards apart)
-sprint to the left line and touch it with left hand
-push off forcefully and sprint back across midline to the right line and touch that line with your right hand
-sprint left finishing at middle line 6 sets rest 30 seconds between

(5) Sprint Ladder

   ------------------10               -begin in v start hockey position
                                               -sprint 5 yards touch first line w right foot, return to starting line touch w left     
   ---------------- 5                 foot, sprint 10 yards touch with your right foot, return to start line touch with 
                                                 left foot, sprint again to 5 yard line touch with right foot, sprint back to start
   ----------------start            -make sure you are stopping and starting no circles, pay attention to plant foot
                                               - 6 sets resting 30 seconds between

(6) Shuffle Ladder
-same as sprint ladder but using quick feet shuffles rather than sprints
-shuffle 5 yards to first line touch with right foot, shuffle back to start touch with left foot
-shuffle to 10 yard line touch w right, shuffle to start touch with left
-shuffle to 5 yard line touch with right, shuffle back to start
-6 sets resting 30 seconds between

(7) Back Pedal Ladder

  • similar to sprint ladder and shuffle ladder
    -from start backpedal 5 yards to first line, sprint forward to start line
    -backpedal to 10 yard line, sprint forward to start
    -backpedal to 5 yard line and sprint though the start
    -doesn’t matter which foot is planting or stopping
    -6 sets resting 30 seconds

5 - 10 min light jog for cool down

WTF is that…what do they try to see how many drills they can put together for one workout

I was trying to explain that this wasn’t a good program. No wonder why his hamstrings took a crap. I am surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

The problem with this type of training arrangement is that there is so much crap, you can’t diagnose any specific problem.

Let me follow up with Day 4 .

Wow, where to start with all of that?! Training to failure?! So does the “coach” in question have any idea about the lifting skill of the athlete in question from which to prescribe lifts they will train to failure? I love the 1-2 minute rests-so one set can be okay and then it’s downhill from there.

I think they need more volume :rolleyes:.

As long as you tell people to do everything explosively everything will be okay.

So they are doing a mile run then sprints? Did I read that correctly?

Pull-ups wide reverse grip? Does that mean wide grip chin-ups?

This is the train everything poorly today program and repeat tomorrow.

What the holy hell kind of program is that? Wow.

This is quite something - the following all takes place on day 2. I have cut out some of the exercises as they occlude just how bad it is.

2x6 each side - Basically doing a deep squat with a long lateral side lunge while ducking under hurdle.
Hang Jump Shrug 3 x 5
Front Squat 3 x 3
Dumbell Split Squat 2 x 4ech leg
Hang Snatch 3 x 5
Platform jumps 1 x 8
Vertical jumps 1 x 8
Box Jumps 1 x 10
Vertical Jumps 1 x 12
Long jumps 1 x 8
Mile run under 6.30 min
10 yard sprints - x8 (rest 20 secs between)
20 yard sprints - x6 (rest 30 secs between)
40 yard sprints - x5 (rest 40 secs between)
100 yard sprints - x3 (rest one minute between)
5 min cool down jog

So to make sure I’ve got this right, we do 24 deep moving ducking squats, then a bunch of heavy lower body weights, then a bunch of plyometrics, then a reasonably fast mile run, then a total of 700 yards “sprinting” with basically no rest whatsoever. Oh,
and don’t forget the 5min cool down job.

Day 3 is just as good. I added it up (had some difficulty understanding the exact distance). There are roughly 2000 yards of “sprinting” on that day, with basically no rest. Good stuff!

That coach should be put in jail. Seriously he is robbing that athlete of a healthy career

What drives me crazy is that he obviously trained and played his way to USHL and under our program, he was never injured. Never missed one game or practice. Now in one summer, trashes both hamstrings. It pisses me off because I was at his grad party and his Dad who loved everything I did before says " You know Dave, his training is all about speed now. Thats the way the game is going" I was thinking, he must have been fast enough to get signed by the team, and he wasn’t injured. Now I get the job of doing ART, stim, and deep tissue trying to get him healthy. What can you do?

I agree. I would punch him in the F’ing mouth if I could. I would love to ask him his rationale behind his program. It is the old throw a pile of shit at the wall and see what sticks. He is not a good coach, but he must be better than me because he works for a USHL team. Haha.

Sounds like someone sold the dad a bill of goods of how the kid needed to be trained without the experience(of the dad) from which to assess what is necessary in achieving that speed development.

In what way is that training going to accomplish his development of speed that his dad talks about? He likely does not enough to make such an evaluation.

I guess you are not in position to train the kid anymore but I wonder if it would be any use contacting the dad to let him know about the problems with the crap you have posted here.

It would unfortunately fall on deaf ears. It seems as though because someone is in a position as a team S&C coach, he is instantly correct on everything. I liken it to when people criticize Barwis for the things he does and the first reply is “Well he works for such and such, why aren’t you if you know so much?” His dad saw tremendous improvement over the years but suddenly, he is taking it to the next level. I love the kid but can’t save him from this if nobody is willing to listen. I feel like I am going to be saying “I told you so” when he gets hurt. Oh well, what can you do.

Unless you asked for these workouts, I am guessing that the kid knows there is a problem with this new program and that’s why he sent them to you? Does the kid know the crap he’s doing now is an issue?

I asked him for them. When I was doing massage on legs today, he kind of admitted he hated the speed days. He said it felt endless. I said its not speed, it’s endurance work. Too little rest. He knows better, but he is a compliant kid. I think he just wants to make an impression so he can get a college offer. He doesn’t want to make waves. He is a great kid, I just hate having to sit and watch this happen. I pray it doesn’t ruin him.

Ok my knees hurt just even thinking about doin all of this crap! If this is the kid we talked about some time ago, dude I seriously have his dad raise all kinds of fuss over this idiotic program!

In our many conversations, it is more of the same. I just never cease to be amazed by this crap. I just like that I get a call to fix these guys when others screw them up. I guess everybody is convinced that the next best thing is right around the corner when it comes to training. It’s like “Dave, you were great, but this new guy is the end game of training.” I feel like because I am proficient and simplified in my processes that evryone thinks there must be better stuff out there. I am sure there is, but this isn’t an example of it.

Like I said, if there is a sport that need help in training its hockey!

They are completley overtrained or undertrained (little to know training at all).

This is another example of meat ball soup!

Nap, you are so correct it’s scary. I was blown away when my kid e-mailed me the program. It is such a load of dung. Like I said, I would love to sit with this guy and have him explain the rationale behind the program. Apparently all the athletes he trains lack nervous systems and endocrine systems.

What is his background, where did he learn his stuff.

I guess in their parts, stuff is good, but the whole programs is too much exposure. Nobody could possible recover from all this.

Nor could you figure out how to fix it!

You have to focus on the limiting factors of the sport - the things that can not be developed on the ice - the qualities that will impact performance improvement.

This program tries to hit everything including the kitchen sink!