Charlie, why ben johnson?

Wow…Straying slightly from the topic…Would you say then for certain distances (60-400m) there is an optimum height? Would say an extremly fit short runner be at a dis-advantage (i.e Bershawn Jackson) to a decently fit but tall runner (over the 300/400)…?

If this is the case…I might have to talk 2 my coach about dropping 3’s and doing split 3’s. :rolleyes:

Back on topic…Genetically/Talent scale was there a massive difference between Ben and his older brother? Or was it that Ben was more hungry? Imagine having two brothers as gifted and hungry as each other running 9.8’s and 9.7’s! :eek:

A guy who’s very short and muscular is better suited to the short sprint. He went on to win some powerlifting contests at 132 lb class.

i bought my copy of speed trap off as well. $48 bucks and my fav book now.

too bad i finished it in 2 nights (about 6 hrs) :frowning: wish i had something else to read now…

I have four copies of Speedtrap,one American,and three Canadian editions. I’ll keep one and put the rest up on ebay soon. The eternal lurker, Jonny.(man I love this forum)
ps . They are in great shape!

A follow up would be great reading.

What would go in there?