Bolt 19.59 (-0.9)

I just talked to a coach friend who was at the meet. Apparently the air temp was warm but then a storm came through and the rain itself was very cold and reduced the air temp to what she thought was about 18C. Some of the early events were held in dry conditions, others like the second (A-heat) of the women’s 100 hurdles on a wet track but it wasn’t raining any more. Then there was Bolt who copped the worst of it. What a run, intrinsically perhaps the best ever? It would not have been easy warming up or staying warm in such conditions and being pelted by the strength of downpour, visible in the picture link PJ highlighted, must have been distracting at best.

History in the makin y’all. Our boy is doin it and doin it big. He’s about gettin bidness done!!!

Tell me how many brothers run a 19.6 in piss rain??? Hahahhh.

Wow… simply amazing.

You thinkin what I’m thinkin? Sub 19 soon if he stays in one piece?

I didn’t think it was possible to go sub-19. But after seeing that run, in those conditions - why not?

After Beijing, I was thinking, “He should have run hard through the line in the 100m, because he may not be in this kind of shape again under these conditions (or, he will get hurt, or start a singing career, etc.)”. But, it looks like he has more than enough left in the tank to keep bringing these times down. Just don’t let him drive fast cars.

You thinkin what I’m thinkin? Sub 19 soon if he stays in one piece?

I have been waiting patiently for his first sub 19 for more then 4 yrs now, so yep I would like to sign up first :slight_smile: He can go sub 19 and it is just a matter of time.

Anyone know how fast the berlin track is? lol :smiley:

They will make sure the surface is fast for a WC so I expect it is only a matter of the weather cooperating- which can be an issue in Berlin at times but often (except whenever we ran there!) there is a tailwind. (There even was a tailwind in the 100m at the 1936 Olympics)

Two questions: When will Bolt race Gay over 200m? and when/where is Bolt’s next 200m race?

I thought I read something about Bolt and Gay meeting in Rome-hopefully, if true, it’s in the same event or heat.


Almost certain its going to be powell vs. gay

Do you mean re-surfacing the track?

Bolt is a bad man. Cant be touched.

some nice angles there again from lausanne set, fucken deadly wicked go cam view there.

lets hope the folks at rome will have go cam up and running and release the view to public, wanna see tgay freaking out against apowell from that view. I believe last time rome had go cam view was 05 romeGL, when jgat ran 9.9X,22049,25751652-5014066,00.html


Torrential rain no hurdle for Usain BoltArticle from: Font size: Decrease Increase Email article: Email Print article: Print Submit comment: Submit comment By Mike Hurst

July 09, 2009 12:00am

CAN anyone or anything stop Usain Bolt?

In torrential rain that would have forced the cancellation of many sports, Usain “Lightning” Bolt stormed to victory in history’s fourth fastest 200m time in the Lausanne Grand Prix yesterday.

The 22-year-old Jamaican stopped the clock in 19.59sec and made the world-class field look like children as they trailed far behind.

The US Olympic 400m champion LaShawn Merritt was second in 20.41 and US 200m titleholder and Olympic silver medallist Shawn Crawford finished in 20.80.

Running into a headwind (-0.9m/s) in cold rain, Bolt showed that in more favourable weather he is likely to break his own world record of 19.30 set in winning gold at last year’s Olympics.

Watch Bolt’s win

While he humiliated this great field there remains one man on the planet who still believes he has Bolt’s number.

Tyson Gay, who beat an emerging Bolt in winning the sprint double at the world championships two years ago in Japan, also ran slightly faster (19.58, +1.3m/s) in New York on May 30 this year.

Gay was injured at the US championships last year and was not a factor in Beijing, but he is coming on strong and his showdown with Bolt at next month’s world championships in Berlin is the most anticipated clash since Ben Johnson took on Carl Lewis 21 years ago at the Seoul Olympics.

The only thing missing from the contemporary match is the animosity, but once again it is a Jamaican - Ben Johnson ran for Canada but was born in Jamaica - versus an American.

“I pushed myself right to the end because I wanted to really test myself,” said Bolt.

"Would I have broken the world record had it been better weather? I don’t think of it in those terms, I was testing myself. I didn’t think it possible to get so much pleasure in running in these conditions.

"I wasn’t here to impress my rivals but to check what level I am at. I felt relaxed despite the rain.

“Therefore I wasn’t even thinking about what I could have done if it had been good weather.”

Bolt’s next race will be in Paris on Friday week.

Fellow Jamaican Asafa Powell may be a perennial underachiever in majors but he trounced the 100m field yesterday in 10.07 (-1.8m/s) easing up in the rain.

Watch Powell’s win

It would not surprise if he takes a crack at Bolt’s 100m world record (9.69) this European summer.

But Bolt remains the man to beat for the Berlin sprint double and could even take the 200m record below 19sec, a barrier-breaking effort even former record-holder Michael Johnson (19.32) could not have imagined.

Yeah…lol, on a good day…with a tail wind…

Two info:

  • The wind was probably not -0.9, as this was the measurement which appeared as the runners reached 100m. Wind is officially recorded during 10sec from the moment when athletes enter in the homestretch (see the video of the race).
  • Usain’s reaction time was 0.228 (in Beijing 19.30 it was 0.182). Imagine a good RT, 19.59 could be 19.49. Considering the terrible weather conditions, we’re getting closer to sub19.

I noticed that too, wind reading at 100m mark, what do you think the range of the wind was?

headwind for sure, by how much no one can tell, check the wind ranges on results sheets.

Looking at the way he opened the gap in the straight, you might be excused for thinking there was still a big headwind in everyone’s lane except Bolt.
When you see the video from the infield, it seems impossibly fast. Would that video be slightly on fast-forward because if it’s not it’s scarey.