Slightly off topic but similar in some ways since football is similar to bobsled. I like the low volume speed session but our volume for the skill guys in the Alactic Power Block is higher then most would think.

This week:
10x20+10x30 hills TV 500yds

2x5x50 hills TV 500yds


Fri: 2x5x200


what is your athlete’s 30m time? Is he a push athlete or pilot?

Push for development, he has run 3.77s @ 220lbs

Question - If I was going to perform an 8 week General Prep Block would it be ok to perform 8-10reps throughout? For example:

Week 1-3: 3x10, Week 4: 2x10 unload+field testing
Week 5-7: 3x8, Week 8: 2x8 unload+field testing

Follow by a 12 week Specific Prep Block. For example:

Week 1-3: 5x5, Week 4 3x5 unload+field testing
Week 5-7: 3x3, Week 8 3x2 unload+field testing
Week 9-12: Power block, strength movements on maintenance, increase volume of sprints-throws-jumps-ol’s.

The outline looks ok, speed volume would be key!!!

For the most part speed volume will stay between 180-340ish per session, tempo 1000-1500ish. What’s everyone thoughts on focusing on one speed component per session vs accel+max v?

One component:
Mon: Max Velocity
Wed: Accel
Fri: Accel Sled

Mon: Accel+Max Velocity 3x30+3x60
Wed: 2x4x20
Fri: Accel+Max Velocity 2x(40-50-60)

I personally prefer to split them up. One reason being it is easier to focus on a few technical components per session then. A lot of folks on here do not split them up much though.

How’s your speed volume? Any thoughts on the strength training layout?

IMO, regarding your weights set-up, 8 consecutive weeks is a long time to remain within a fairly narrow range of 8-10 reps. I’d prefer to move into 5’s by week 4 or 5 in your set-up.

Additionally, in your spec. block, I’d recommend doing only the first week of the block at 5 x 5 then dropping through most of the block. Doing 5 x 5 in three consecutive is essentially 3 overreaching weeks which I’d prefer to avoid.

I think you also find that this is very similar to what is going on in LP right now with some of those athletes.


1: What is LP?

2: I have 8 weeks of 8-10 reps because I am coming off a very long layoff and need to build a solid foundation. If my gpp is 8 weeks and I did 3x10 the first 4 weeks what would follow for the last 4 weeks of gpp? What would you do in the 3-1-3 max strength phase in spp if your already done 3-4 weeks of max strength work in gpp?

3: I agree with the 5x5, I made the change last night - wk 1: 5x5, wk2-3: 3x5, wk 4:3x5 less intensity.

LP=Lake Placid

Regarding the structuring of the program I think you will simply train for too long at 8-10reps which will likely lead to Type I development. IMO, there’s likely no reason you can’t move into a block of 3 x 5 working down to either lower intensities for 3 x 5 in week 8 or lower intensities for a 3 x 3. Most of the blocks do descend in sets and reps somewhat but a block immediately following a strength endurance block (hypertrophy) will usually start with a 3 x 5 week.

Such a program I’m writing of works off of percentages of bests for sets and reps (not a 1rm). Even with such a program, it’s not necessary, in my opinion, during the second block-after 3-4 weeks of 10’s to work up to maximal levels. Whereas later blocks in the SPP can and should approach maximal levels for those sets and reps, the earlier blocks do not need to and serve to prepare the body for the later heavy loads.

Regarding your last point on the set-up, I like your change only possibly consider unloading further in week 4 to a 3 x 3 week unless you have many more weeks to go before the target comp. in which case you could go either way.

Well, you could try this if you wanna do less weeks of 8-10.

Wk 1-4: 3x10
Wk 5-7: 3-5x5 Max strength block 1
Week 8: Unload

Wk 1-3: Max strength block 2
Wk 4-5: Unload
Wk 6-8: Max strength block 3
Wk 9-12: Power block

1: Makes sense.

2: Are you saying the first 4 weeks of Gpp would be 3x10 follow by a block of submax 5’s for 4 weeks? In Spp I would perform a normal 3-1-3 max strength block but the intensities would be higher?

Sounds similar to Pioneer. I probably would unload week 4-6 and decrease the power block by one week?

wk 1-4: 3x10
wk 3-8: 5x5, 4x5, 3x5, 3x5 unload

wk 1-3: 3x4, 3x4, 3x4
wk 4-6: 3x3
wk 7-9: 3x4, 3x3,3x3, 3x2
wk 10-12: Maint

Yes from your first reply (meant to reply with your quote), pretty much that. Note that sub-max block does not necessarily need to be light only just as the name indicates, sub-max. leaving the later blocks for the maximal efforts just as you point out. Also, as in post earlier, the last week of the second block can go down to 3 x 3 for the unload or remain at 3 x 5-either way it’s an unload week.

Right on Pioneer.

Since the load is heavier and runs are longer in spp are you squatting once a week and performing a single leg movement the second day?

So everyone knows, I will train like a 60m runner.

General Setup:
8 week gpp: 2x hills/sleds
Block 1 of spp: 1 day sleds, 1 day hills, 1 flat day
Block 2 of spp: 1 day fef/efe, 1 day accels, 1 day 50-60m
Block 3 of spp: 1 day of flys+60, 1 day of accels, 1 day of Speed end 2-3 runs

I would do it like Hartman. Also would not spend much time in the 8-10 range, a few weeks. I would stay mainly in the 3-6 range.

Example after a few weeks leading up:

Day 1 Speed:

6-8xfly15m with 20m run up

Squat 4x5 as work sets
Sqt Assistance (Bulg Squat, Split Squat) 4x10
Bench 4x5
Bench Assitance 4x10