Ben johnson sprinting for fun :-)

I am curioust to know when it was shooting. In his prime? Anyone saw that clip?

i think that would be from 91/92

Remember when Ben was looking like a small bodybuilder. Put him in with todays sprinters and he looks Average size! Put him beside Usain from last weekend and he looks small and weak…

I would expect to hear that he looks weaker compered to lets say Carter-but Bolt? He doesn’t look heavily muscled to me (besides deltoids:D )

I also don’t think Bolt is that muscular. Compare Bolt’s deltoids to those of Donovan in his prime.

The reason Bolt looks so muscular is that he towers over most sprinters in his class. Gaining a little muscle makes him seem huge.

Ben was no doubt paid very well to run against one of their best runners at the time.
Anyone know who the other athlete was?

Hopefully this image works

Can’t figure out image posting… Hope the above link works?


have a look at the thumb on the right hand.

I like the front view. Even when running half speed he went through his transistions. Watch as the hips rise after the drive phase.

+1 On the front view.

I found another old clip on the side and it had a interview with Ben and Charlie. Charlie said he also trained a 3rd athlete that was in the 88 100m mens final. Wow, so who did Charlie NOT coach…lol

He has the body of a small bodybuilder, but when Ben gets going, it’s shocking and entertaining to see the power and muscle mass coordinated perfectly throughout the sprinting motion.